Family 3-5 and \delta-invariant of polarized del Pezzo surfaces

Thursday 4th April 2024 (10:00-11:00)
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Speaker's Name: Elena Denisova
Speaker's Affiliation: Edinburgh
Speaker's Research Theme(s): Algebraic Geometry,
It is known that a smooth Fano variety admits a Kahler Einstein metric if and only if it is K-polystable. For two-dimensional Fano varieties (del Pezzo surfaces) Tian and Yau proved that a smooth del Pezzo surface is K-polystable if and only if it is not a~blow up of P^2 in one or two points. A lot of research was done for threefolds however, not everything is known and often the problem can be reduced to computing \delta-invariant of (possibly singular) del Pezzo surfaces. In my talk, I will present an explicit example of such computation.

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