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Non-Newtonian Club: Rheology for Processing

Keighton Auditorium Lecture Theatre
Thursday 19th September 2019 (09:00-16:30)
Claire McIlroy

 Non-Newtonian Club: Rheology for Processing

British society of Rheology

We are delighted to announce that on behalf of the British Society of Rheology, we will be hosting the annual Non-Newtonian Club (one-day) meeting at the University of Nottingham, Thursday 19th September, 2019. The theme of the meeting will be Rheology for Processing, with a focus session on Additive Manufacturing.

The British Society of Rheology (BSR) is a charitable society focused on the science of " the deformation of matter". The BSR's main objective is to promote the science and the dissemination of knowledge in the areas of pure and applied rheology to all. The BSR runs a number of annual scientific meetings, including the Non-Newtonian Club (NNC).  NNC is an informal rheology discussion group which provides half-day or one-day meetings with the aim of bringing together experienced and not-so-experienced rheologists from industry and academia. PhD students with an interest in rheology are particularly encouraged to attend, as it is you who are the future of our discipline. 


Invited speakers:

Catherine Kelly, University of Birmingham

Helen Wilson, University College London

Ian Robinson, Durham University

Nigel Clarke, University of Sheffield

Richard Thompson, Durham University


Focus Session: Additive Manufacturing

Azar Shirazi, University of Birmingham

Dario Cavallo, University of Genoa

Ester Garcia-Tunon Blanca, University of Liverpool

Patrick Anderson, Eindhoven

Peter van Puyvelde, KU Leuven

Zuoxin Zhou, University of Nottingham


Sponsored Poster Prize £200

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Further information is available on its website:

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