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LMS Summer School 2017

Thomas Radley from the School of Mathematical Sciences was fortunate enough to attend this year’s London Mathematical Society’s summer school. The event was hosted at the University of Manchester for two weeks during July. In total there were 54 attendees at the school, representing 35 universities nationwide. The series of lectures covered a broad variety of topics ranging from model theory to mathematical oncology.

Alongside lectures, Thomas attended two problems classes each week, together with one-hour-long colloquia on a range of topics. These were typically more fast-paced than the lectures, covering recent developments in new areas of mathematics.

It wasn’t all work and no play - at the weekend students were invited to participate in a trip to the Museum of Science and Industry and a hike in the Peak District. Both provided welcome relief from mathematics during the week!

The summer school was a great success, Thomas commented, “while most students found at least one of the topics to not be one of their strongest, there was something they could at least have a good attempt at. The speakers were very engaging and the content stimulating. I would highly recommend anyone who is offered the opportunity to attend future summer schools do so.”

Posted on Monday 16th October 2017

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