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PhD student presents at RSS conference

RSS Rowland Seymour

Rowland Seymour at RSS conference

Mathematics PhD student Rowland Seymour’s recent presentation at the Research Students' Conference in Probability and Statistics was voted as the best talk by the conference delegates.

The prize was an invitation to the Royal Statistical Society Conference in Cardiff, and the opportunity for Rowland to present his work.  He comments ‘I was really excited to present my work there, and it was definitely the largest conference I've presented at. I was really pleased with how my talk went, and several people spoke to me after with more questions and ideas’.

Rowland is currently studying a PhD is in statistical epidemiology, to understand how diseases spread, particularly Avian Influenza and Foot and Mouth Disease. Under the supervision of Associate Professor Theodore Kypraios and Professor Philip O’Neill, the main focus of his PhD is looking at how factors like location, type of animals on the farm, or the number of animals on a farm affects the probability of infection. 

Posted on Wednesday 19th September 2018

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