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Fredrik Stromberg

Associate Professor in Number Theory, Faculty of Science


Recent Publications

  • HENRI COHEN and FREDRIK STRÖMBERG, 2017. Modular Forms: A Classical Approach American Mathematical Society.
  • NIKOLAOS DIAMANTIS, MICHAEL NEURURER and FREDRIK STROEMBERG, 2015. A correspondence of modular forms and applications to values of L-series Research in Number Theory. 1, 27
  • STROMBERG, F., 2013. Weil representations associated with finite quadratic modules Math. Z.. 275(1), 509--527
  • STROMBERG, F., 2012. Maass waveforms on (Gamma_0(N),\chi), Computational Aspects. In: BOLTE, J. and STEINER, F., eds., Hyperbolic Geometry and Applications in Quantum Chaos and Cosmology 397. Cambridge University Press. 187--228
  • STROMBERG, FREDRIK, 2012. Newforms and Spectral Multiplicity for Gamma0(9) Proc. London Math. Soc.. 105(2), 281--310
  • RYAN, NATHAN, SKORUPPA, NILS-PETER and STROMBERG, FREDRIK, 2012. Numerical computation of a certain Dirichlet series attached to Siegel modular forms of degree two Math. Comp.. 81, 2361--2377
  • BRUINIER, J. H. and STROMBERG, F., 2012. Computation of harmonic weak Maass forms Exp. Math.. 21(2), 117--131
  • MAYER, D., MÜHLENBRUCH, T. and STROMBERG, F., 2012. The Transfer Operator for the Hecke Triangle Groups Discrete Contin. Dyn. Syst.. 32(7), 2453--2484
  • MAYER, D. and STROMBERG, F., 2008. Symbolic Dynamics for the geodesic flow on Hecke surfaces Journal of Modern Dynamics. 2(4), 581--627
  • STROMBERG, F., 2008. Computation of Maass Waveforms with Non-trivial Multiplier Systems Math. Comp.. 77, 2375--2416

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