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Gary Mirams

Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow, Faculty of Science


Research Summary

My research is in mathematical/computational biology, in particular cardiac electrophysiology modelling for studying pharmaceutical drug safety. Please see my research homepage for more information.

Recent Publications

  • SAMANTA, KRISHNA, MIRAMS, GARY R. and PAREKH, ANANT B., 2018. Sequential forward and reverse transport of the Na+ Ca2+ exchanger generates Ca2+ oscillations within mitochondria NATURE COMMUNICATIONS. 9,
  • BEATTIE, K, HILL, AP, CUI, Y, VANDENBERG, JI, GAVAGHAN, DJ, DE BOER, TP and MIRAMS, GR, 2018. Sinusoidal voltage protocols for rapid characterization of ion channel kinetics The Journal of Physiology. 596(10), 1813-1828
  • DALY, AIDAN C, CLERX, MICHAEL, BEATTIE, KYLIE A, COOPER, JONATHAN, GAVAGHAN, DAVID J and MIRAMS, GARY R, 2018. Reproducible model development in the cardiac electrophysiology Web Lab. Progress in biophysics and molecular biology.
  • LI, ZHIHUA, RIDDER, BRADLEY J, HAN, XIAOMEI, WU, WENDY W, SHENG, JIANSONG, TRAN, PHU N, WU, MIN, RANDOLPH, AARON, JOHNSTONE, ROSS H, MIRAMS, GARY R, KURYSHEV, YURI, KRAMER, JAMES, WU, CAIYUN, CRUMB, WILLIAM J JR and STRAUSS, DAVID G, 2018. Assessment of an In Silico Mechanistic Model for Proarrhythmia Risk Prediction Under the CiPA Initiative. Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics.

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