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Gerardo Adesso

Professor of Mathematical Physics and Director of Research, Faculty of Science



1981: Born in Italy

2003: MSc in Physics cum laude (Salerno)

2007: PhD in Physics (Salerno)

2009: Lecturer in Applied Mathematics (Nottingham)

2014: Associate Professor in Mathematical Physics (Nottingham)

2015-2020: ERC Starting Grant (GQCOP: Genuine Quantumness in Cooperative Phenomena)

2016: Professor of Mathematical Physics (Nottingham)

2022: Director of Research (Mathematical Sciences, Nottingham)

Expertise Summary

Quantum information, entanglement theory, quantum correlations, quantum foundations, quantum optics, quantum metrology, quantum technologies, condensed matter and many-body physics

Research Summary

My research is mainly devoted to the identification and quantification of genuine quantum resources for efficient quantum information technology.

I am interested in understanding the most essential signatures of quantumness in elementary and complex systems, so as to cast light on foundational aspects of quantum theory, while devising novel ways to exploit quantumness operationally for robust applications.

I have a strong tradition in the study of entanglement and quantum correlations in general, in discrete as well as continuous variable multipartite quantum systems (encompassing atoms, light, and interfaces thereof).

Selected Publications

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Past Research

ERCWith my ERC Starting Grant "Genuine Quantumness in Cooperative Phenomena", I have investigated how to identify and exploit useful quantum resources in unexpected conditions, e.g. in noisy and complex systems, and the role they may play for the optimal function of these systems. The long-term impact of this research can be to accelerate the development of future generations of quantum technologies. Specific applications include benchmarks for quantum communication, solutions for noisy quantum-enhanced metrology, and perspectives for quantum thermal engineering.

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