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Ruediger Thul

Associate Professor in Applied Mathematics, Director of PGT Studies, Faculty of Science


Recent Publications

  • COOMBES, S, LAI, Y M, CSAYLI, M and THUL, R, 2018. Networks of piecewise linear neural mass models European Journal of Applied Mathematics. 9, 1-22
  • MARTIN FALCKE, MAHSA MOEIN, AGNE TILUNAITE, RUEDIGER THUL and ALEXANDE SKUPIN, 2018. On the phase space structure of IP3 induced Ca2+ signalling and concepts for predictive modeling Chaos. (In Press.)
  • BRAUN W and THUL R, 2017. Sign changes as a universal concept in first-passage-time calculations. Physical review. E. 95(1-1), 012114
  • BRAUN, WILHELM, THUL, RÜDIGER and LONGTIN, ANDRÉ, 2017. Evolution of moments and correlations in nonrenewal escape-time processes. Physical Review E. 95(5-1), 052127

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