School of Medicine
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Research Strategy

The overarching aim of our Research Strategy is to improve the quality, value and impact of our research. This will be as part of the University’s transformational vision.

We will do this by creating a supportive environment for world-leading research. We want to encourage a culture of ambition within the School. We plan to emphasise progression from projects through large collaborative and programme grants to Centres.

Strategic Priorities

  1. Encourage ambition and grow research income
  2. Create a supportive culture that promotes collaboration
  3. Support career growth
  4. Encourage partnerships
  5. Create high quality infrastructure and resources


  • Translational research bridges key gaps between invention, evaluation and adoption, driving significant changes in medical practice and clinical guidelines.
  • Our ambitious patient engagement programmes link researchers with patients and the public from early research stages. This will help identifying important questions to advanced stages of adoption of research findings.
  • Our commercial collaborations are accelerating the pace of drug and treatment development. We are working with firms in the UK and internationally. We are creating successful spin-out companies and transforming intellectual property into valuable innovations.

School of Medicine

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