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Research Areas

Our world-leading and internationally excellent research is divided into 21 areas across our Academic Units and platforms. Our goal is to improve people's health and wellbeing.

Injury, Recovery, and Inflammation Sciences research areas

An epidural kit on a surgery tray

Anaesthesia and Critical Care

Two children in hospital gowns holding an IV bag

Metabolism, Ageing, and Physiology

Researchers talking to members of public about rehabilitation

Rehabilitation and Ageing

A doctor looking at an x-ray of a hand with a patient


A premature baby hooked up to a monitoring machine

Sports Medicine and Exercise

A team of surgeons in an operating theatre operating on a patient

Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery


Lifespan and Population Health research areas

GP at their desk filling in a prescription

Primary Care

Two children in hospital gowns holding an IV bag

Public Health and Epidemiology

A young baby being fed by a drip

Perinatal and Child Health

Clinician looking at a child's skin in a GP office



Mental Health and Clinical Sciences research areas

An academic completing a form with a patient

Mental Health

Model of the inner and outer ear

Hearing Sciences

A person being placed into an MRI machine

Medical Imaging

Academic attaching scanning apparatus to a patient's head


A student using an ophthalmoscope on a medical dummy


A stroke patient in a wheelchair speaking to a member of staff



Translational Medical Sciences research areas

A researcher moving liquid with a long pipette


A clinician performing a check on a person's stomach

Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Phials for research in a cardboard box

Kidney Medicine

Phials of liquid being placed into a specialised machine

Respiratory Medicine

A researcher looking at cells under a microscope

Stem Cell Biology


Nottingham Clinical Trials Unit

The Nottingham Clinical Trials Unit designs and conducts high-quality, high-impact trials and works in close collaboration with staff across our Academic Units, and with external collaborators, nationally and internationally. 

Visit the Nottingham Clinical Trials Unit

Visit the Nottingham Clinical Trials Unit


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