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We perform world-leading research that informs stroke knowledge and improves clinical care. We comprise 45 laboratory, clinical and statistical scientists, and work closely with the Stroke Service at the highly-rated Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust.

Our laboratory and translational studies focus on the elucidation of mechanisms that account for the breakdown and recovery of the blood-brain barrier with the aim of discovering novel therapeutic mediators that can effectively prevent or reverse the formation of brain oedema, the main cause of death within the first week after an ischaemic stroke. These studies inform the design of clinical studies and intend to influence clinical practice.

Our clinical research covers the whole stroke pathway from the management of acute and sub-acute stroke, secondary prevention and recovery. Interventions include: glyceryl trinitrate for lowering blood pressure; tranexamic acid and desmopressin for intracerebral haemorrhage; mannitol for intracerebral oedema; remote ischaemic conditioning for ischaemic stroke; pharyngeal electrical stimulation for post-stroke dysphagia; and isosorbide mononitrate and/or cilostazol for the prevention/treatment of cerebral small vessel disease. We work closely with stroke rehabilitation researchers based elsewhere in the School of Medicine.

We test these and other interventions in clinical studies run from our world renowned Stroke Trials Unit; this runs large multicentre phase 3 clinical trials, both in the UK and internationally, and smaller phase II clinical trials, and perform systematic reviews, meta-analysis, and statistical methodological research to inform/improve the design and delivery of future clinical trials. We work closely with the Nottingham Clinical Trials Unit.

We also work closely with stroke survivors and their families in the Nottingham Stroke Research Partnership Group to co-design and deliver our research.

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