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Medical Imaging

Medical imaging in the School of Medicine is part of the Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre (SPMIC), an interdisciplinary, cross-faculty centre for innovative imaging in experimental and translational medicine, bringing together researchers who develop new medical imaging techniques with clinicians and scientists who use them.

Researchers in the SPMIC develop and use innovative medical imaging technologies with the ultimate aim to improve human health. We transform the understanding of human health and disease by revealing what is otherwise hidden inside the living human body. We are an interdisciplinary community and we use our knowledge of physical and life sciences, combined with clinical insight, to untangle complexity and enable challenges from life and radiological sciences to be addressed, both for brain and body organs.  

The School of Medicine facing part of SPMIC works with partners in academia and industry to transform our technologies into new solutions that we or others can use to address unmet clinical needs and transform the way we diagnose and treat patients. Work that is directly aligned with the Nottingham BRC MR & Precision Imaging theme. 

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