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Academic placements in Primary Care

Academic Clinical Fellowships and Clinical Lectureships

In recent years, on average, there have been 1-2 general practice ACF posts available in the Division of Primary Care each year but this can vary.

The School of Medicine offers a variety of Academic Clinical Fellowships and Lectureships in areas of our research expertise, aligned to their relevant clinical specialties, including general practice. Find out more.

NIHR School for Primary Care Research

The Division of Primary Care is a member of the NIHR School for Primary Care Research (SPCR), which is a partnership between nine leading academic centres for primary care research in England. The NIHR SPCR has an ongoing research capacity development programme funded by NIHR to train future research leaders in primary care research. The SPCR’s programme aims to complement rather than replicate the training opportunities provided by the NIHR Training Coordinating Centre and other funding agencies such as the MRC and the Wellcome Trust.

SPCR Clinical Training Awards for ST3 GP Trainees

Awards for GP vocational trainees are made for 2 years (50%) at ST3 level. Applicants are required to meet national eligibility criteria for academic training and will have a training number and be on a VTS. On average, up to 1 Clinical Training Award is available in the Division of Primary Care each year.

SPCR GP Career Progression Awards

Open to general practitioners with a strong academic record and a commitment to a career in academic primary care. These awards are intended to be flexible and will allow GPs to develop a formal doctoral training fellowship application. Fellowships are between 12-24 months duration (part-time). On average, up to 1 Career Progression award is available in the Division of Primary Care each year.

SPCR PhD Studentship awards

These are available to those with limited primary care experience (e.g. Masters-level training). The awards offer traditional project-specific training in shortage-areas of particular importance to primary care. They focus on non-clinical disciplines (e.g. medical statistics, health economics, health psychology).  On average, there is one studentship available in the Division of Primary Care each year.

SPCR Post-doctoral Fellowship awards

Available to those with some previous research experience, such as those who have worked as research associates inprimary care research. However, these awards are not generally based around a specified single project but mayinvolve attachment to a Clinical Trials Unit or similar research grouping involved in a programme of large-scale research. The awards will be open to all disciplines relevant to primary care research, clinical and non-clinical. On average, up to 1 SPCR Post-doctoral Fellowship award is available in the Division of Primary Care each year.



More information about the NIHR SPCR Training opportunities. Or contact Christina Brindley, Research Support Officer.

Potential projects

For further information about potential projects which could be undertaken during an academic training placement in the Division of Primary Care, please contact:

Health Education East Midlands (HEEM) Primary Care Fellows

Health Education East Midlands (HEEM) GP Fellowships are available to newly qualified post-CCT GPS, and consist of 4 sessions as a salaried GP, four sessions of project work and two session of study time. HEEM funds the four sessions of project work, the two study sessions and also funds a postgraduate qualification for one year. The qualification is chosen by the GP Fellow and typically is an area of interest for the GP Fellow, for example, a postgraduate certificate (PGCert) in Medical Education.

The Division of Primary Care is fortunate to have five Higher Education East Midlands (HEEM) GP Fellows in post for the academic session 2016/2017. Each Fellow will be in post for at least 12 months.

Introducing our current Primary Care Fellows

Academic Foundation Year 2 (F2)/GP Registrar (GPR) placements

As well as research opportunities with one of the division’s high performing research teams, there is also the opportunity to conduct your academic F2/ GPR placement in the Primary Care Education Unit. This unit, led by Dr Richard Knox, is responsible for delivering primary care education across all five years of the undergraduate medical programme, and all four years of the graduate entry programme in Derby. Teaching takes place in small group and large group format in the medical school, as well as within practices across the East Midlands. While being attached to the unit, you will have the opportunity to develop your teaching skills, and also to complete an educational research project in one of the unit’s areas of expertise, which includes professionalism, ethics, compassion, recruitment and careers.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to undertake an innovative training course in the Division of primary Care with Dr Richard Knox and Professor Rodger Charlton. Having the chance to work in medical education during my VTS training has really ignited a passion. I was able to work within a team to evaluate the professionalism examinations for medical students and was then funded to present my work at the Annual RCGP Conference and DEMEC Conference. It has been a privilege to have attended these two conferences, giving me the opportunity to talk to seniors and gain inspiration from the lectures and workshops. I think if more trainees were given this chance, they would also be more likely to enjoy their General Practice training, feel a part of a team and also enthused to build a career with an element devoted to medical education.


--Dr Jasprit Bhamrah, Academic ST2 GPR 



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