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Neuroscience at Nottingham (N@N) Research Group

A spectrograph of a human brain
Neuroscience@Nottingham brings together neuroscientists from across the University of Nottingham’s to develop the university’s established strengths in fundamental and clinical neuroscience.

About Us

N@N was established in 2010 as a follow on from the former Institute of Neuroscience and continues the Institute’s overarching goal to bring together neuroscientists across departments in order to develop the University of Nottingham’s established strengths in fundamental and clinical neuroscience.

We organise the annual Neuroscience@Nottingham Day and support neuroscience-related research priorities of the University of Nottingham, including the Research Beacon for Precision Imaging and the Research Priority Area Brain Health Across the Life Span.

We aim to develop the University of Nottingham’s established strengths in funding and clinical neuroscience.

Our Research Partners

We bring together neuroscience researchers from across the University, specifically:

School of Biosciences – Animal and Livestock: Neuroscience group
School of Life Sciences – Physiology, Pharmacology and Neuroscience
School of Mathematical Sciences – Centre for Mathematical Medicine and Biology
School of Medicine – Clinical NeuroscienceDivision of Psychiatry and Applied Psychology (including the Centre for Translational Neuroimaging)
School of Physics and Astronomy – Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre
School of Psychology – Behavioural Neuroscience GroupCognition and LanguageComputational NeurosciencePerception and ActionVisual Neuroscience
School of Veterinary Sciences and Medicine – Diagnostics and Therapeutics: Neurodegeneration Arthritis Research UK Pain Centre at the University of Nottingham


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