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Dr Christine Lee
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Expertise summary

Dr Lee is a founding member of the AncientBiotics, a group that has looked to examine medieval medical remedies in modern applications. As part of this group Dr Lee had a lot of engagement with the media.

Dr Lee's work is to identify suitable remedies used in medieval medical books which may be used by scientists to fight one of the most
pressing problems today: that of antibiotic resistance. Our current stock of
antibiotics is failing and we desperately need new alternatives.

Her second strand of research is the perceptions of health and disease in the early medieval period (450-1100 AD). This is a time in which hospitals first came to Europe, and there is the first shift towards a professionalism of care.

A third strand of Dr Lee's research looks at Viking identities in Britain and Ireland. She is interested in migration and the impact that this migration has made on the culture of early medieval Britain and Ireland.

Previous media experience includes appearances on BBC Radio 4 and CBeebies.

For more information about Dr Lee please visit her website.

Consultancy and Research:  Dr Lee is happy to explore opportunities to undertake consultancy and research work with external organisations.


Dr Christina Lee

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