• Dr Hannah O'Regan

    The history of brown bears in Britain cave archaeology
    +44 (0)115 951 4843
    Animals Arts and Culture History Bears archaeology britain archaeology
  • Sascha Auerbach

    Imperialism Migration and Race Crime; Policing Law and Labour American Universities; Riots and Demonstrations; Origins of "popular journalism"; Nationalism and national identityImmigration Race and racism; Sensational court cases; Popular nationalism; Xenophobia Crime and police responses to it Anti-Chinese sentiment
    +44 (0)77 177 082 93
    American Politics Crime History Politics Rights Lab World race crime; migration; America; riots; crime; racism; history IAPS
  • Dr Gareth Stockey

    Contemporary Spain; the history of the Spanish Civil war, Franco dictatorship; the history of Gibraltar and its relationship with Spain; archaeology; memory and tourism of the Spanish Civil War
    +44 (0)115 84 67487
    Arts and Culture Brexit History Politics War and security World gibraltar Spanish Civil War Franco dictatorship archeology Tourism
  • Dr David Norris

    Cultural, historical, linguistic and political issues relating to former Yugoslavia and its successor states (especially Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro).
    +44 (0)115 951 5828
    Arts and Culture Brexit History Politics World Former Yugoslavia Serbia Croatia Bosnia Montenegro history poltics
  • Dr Grant Dawson

    Conflict and civil wars, peace keeping and peace processes; international military intervention.Can comment on situations in Libya, Syria, China and the changing world orderThe uses of force with or without UN Security Council approval and 'new wars'
    +86 (0)574 8818 0559
    China History Politics War and security World civil war peacekeeping peace international military intervention War Un syria Libya China
  • Dr Laura Carletti

    Digital culture and heritage, participatory practices and heritage, digital learning, blended learning, citizen humanities, community archiving, crowdsourcing, communities of practice.
    +44 (0) 115 8232557
    Arts and Culture Education History Science Technology digital Culture heritage participatory practices digital learning blended learning citizen humanities humanities community archiving archiving crowdsourcing communities of practice
  • Dr Sarah Holland

    British history, 18th to 20th centuries, with particular emphasis on the 19th century. Rural and agricultural history, the relationship between town and country, agricultural workers, market buildings, knowledge networks. Rural identity. History of asylum farms. Cultural stimuli and wellbeing. Yorkshire and the East Midlands.
    +44 (0)7479 648579
    History British history agriculture rural identity
  • Professor Maiken Umbach

    Nazi Germany; The everyday practice of ideology: how 'ordinary' people assimilate political beliefs and make them work for themselves; the politics of 'authenticity'. How political beliefs travel between different cultural and religious context, or between the past and the present. Nazi propaganda and ideology, particularly key texts (numerous media comments on "Mein Kampf") and visual culture; Dealing with difficult pasts (especially Nazi Germany; its photographic and architectural legacies); the problems of exhibiting difficult histories in museums. Dangerous texts; Dealing with iconic political texts and their legacies today (especially the popularity of Hitler's Mein Kampf) The role of culture in regional identity politics in Europe.
    +44 (0)115 7484 106, +44 (0)755 737 2721
    History World Nazi Germany propaganda and photography Political ideology Maiken Umbach Nazis
  • Dr Andrew Harrison

    Dr Harrison's research specialism is DH Lawrence
    +44 (0)115 846 6456
    Arts and Culture Education History D H Lawrence Literature English Andrew Harrison
  • Dr David Laven

    Italian history, especially the late 18th to early 20th centuries (with special emphasis on Italian unification and national identity). The history of Venice since the fall of the Venetian Republic. The historiography of the Venetian Republic. Italy during the Second World War. Machiavelli.
    +44 (0)115 7484104, 07531509984
    History War and security Italy history Venice Machiavelli Second World War
  • Dr Anne-Marie Caroline Kramer

    The meaning and significance of family history/genealogy within personal, family and national life in the UK. Also reproductive politics, particularly abortion debates, both in the UK and in Poland.
    +44 (0) 115 823 2440 , +44 (0)7939 366 283
    History history family genealogy personal national life uk politics abortion poland
  • Professor Stephen Hodkinson

    Ancient Sparta. The Spartan ruling elite - their society, economy and politics. Sparta and war - does ancient Sparta deserve its reputation as a militarised society? Sparta in modern thought and politics - comparisons between Sparta and Nazi Germany in 20th-century British thought; comparisons between Sparta and the Soviet Union in Cold War American foreign policy and intelligence thinking. Slavery in ancient Greece - Spartans' slave underclass, the helots, their lifestyle and treatment by Spartan ruling elite; comparisons between Spartan helotage and modern slavery in debates about abolition in the 1790s.
    +44 (0) 115 951 4806 , +44 (0) 7969 684 993
    History Ancient sparta Economy politics Relations Nazi Germany Soviet Union American Cold War Foreign Policy
  • Professor Julian Henderson

    Science and archaeology. Ancient technologies, particularly glass, ceramics, metals and stone. Islamic archaeology in Syria. Scientific techniques used in archaeology.
    +44 (0) 115 951 4840
    Arts and Culture History Science archaeology Ancient technology Islamic syria
  • Professor John Beckett

    East Midlands history. History of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. Granting of city status. Englishness.
    +44 (0) 7773 027 289
    History history East Midlands nottingham city status Englishness
  • Professor Elizabeth Harvey

    Twentieth-century Germany, particularly Weimar Germany, National Socialist Germany and the Second World War; occupied Poland during the Second World War; women, gender and gender relations in 20th-century Europe. History of John Player's and Nottingham.
    +44 (0) 115 951 5940
    Arts and Culture History history german Germany Socialist World War poland women Gender Europe nottingham
  • Dr Nicholas Baragwanath

    Music theory from 1700; 19th-century opera; Wagner; Alban Berg; Puccini; music analysis; 19th-century piano music; Russian music 1860-1917; Frankfurt School critical theory.
    +44 (0) 115 951 3246
    Arts and Culture History music Theory history opera russian piano
  • Mr Philip Weller

    Renaissance music. French opera. Music and language. 18th-century classicism in music.
    +44 (0) 115 951 4758
    Arts and Culture History renaissance music France French opera Languages Classic
  • Dr Uri D Leibowitz

    Ethics, Metaethics: scepticism about the necessity of moral principles for moral thought and practice; moral decision making; the role of moral principles in deliberation/justification.Philosophy of Science: the nature of scientific explanation.
    +44 (0) 115 951 5849 , +44 (0)755 403 9013
    Arts and Culture History ethics Metaethics scepticism philosophy Science
  • Dr Ross Balzaretti

    History of Europe in early Middle Ages. Italian history, especially in Milan and Liguria, pre-1600. History of women, gender relations and sexuality in the Medieval period. Renaissance history.
    +44 (0) 115 951 5943 , +44 (0) 115 941 0685
    History history Europe Middle Ages Italy Italian Milan Gender women sexuality Medieval renaissance
  • Dr Nick Baron

    Modern Russian/Soviet history, especially Lenin and Stalin - regional policy, economic development, the Gulag, the Great Terror; the Russian region of Karelia in the 20th century; contemporary Russian political, economic, social and cultural developments.
    +44 (0) 115 951 5928
    History Rights Lab russian Soviet history Lenin Stalin policy Economy Culture Social
  • Dr Lynn Fotheringham

    Latin and Greek literature, especially Cicero.
    +44 (0) 115 951 4809
    History Latin greek history Literature Cicero
  • Dr Katharina Lorenz

    Greek and Roman art and archaeology, particularly Greek and Roman painting and sculpture, visual storytelling and spatial appropriation with a focus on Pompeii. Roman domestic and funerary imagery. Historiography of classical archaeology as a discipline. Theoretical approaches towards a history of ancient art. Use of digital technologies for the 3D documentation, analysis and reconstruction of Roman portrait sculpture and archaeological sites.
    +44 (0) 115 846 8231 , +44 (0) 7769 666 081
    History history greek roman archaeology Art
  • Dr Karen Adler

    The importance of women and gender in history, especially in western Europe during the 20th century. 20th-century France, especially World War II, the Resistance and the Holocaust. Jews in France and more broadly in modern Europe.
    +44 (0) 115 951 5933
    History Gender women history Europe World War II resistance Holocaust
  • Dr Jonathan Kwan

    19th- and 20th-century Austrian history, from 1815 to 1945. Czech lands, Hungary and other regions ruled by the Habsburg Monarchy in the 19th-century. Liberalism in Europe in the 19th-century.
    +44 (0) 115 951 5946
    History Austria Austrian history Czech hungary Liberalism Europe
  • Professor Frances Knight

    History of Christianity since 1800, specifically in Britain.
    +44 (0) 115 846 7778 , +44 (0) 7855 657 328
    History Religion history christianity Britain
  • Dr Fintan Cullen

    British and Irish art. Portraiture. Visual culture. Museology.
    +44 (0) 115 951 3137
    History British Irish Art Portraiture visual culture Museology
  • Professor Douglas Lee

    Later Roman Empire, especially military, diplomatic and religious history. Ancient warfare and international relations.
    +44 (0) 115 951 4801
    History history roman empire military Religion warfare Ancient International Relations
  • Dr Conor Kostick

    The Crusades. Environmental extremes in the medieval period. Extreme weather events of the past, historical volcanic activity and famines.
    +44 (0) 115 951 5843
    History The Crusades Environmental Medieval weather historical Volcanic
  • Dr Christopher Loveluck

    Medieval archaeology of northwest Europe from c. AD 400-1300, with particular reference to settlements, landscapes and coastal/maritime-oriented communities.
    +44 (0) 115 951 4835
    History Medeval archaeology Europe LandscapeS communities
  • Dr Andrew Cobbing

    Cultural and international history of 19th-century Japan. Japan's cultural encounter with the West. Japanese source material from diaries to published works. Iwakura Embassy, which helped to shape state policy in Japan's drive for modernisation.
    +44 (0) 115 951 5946 , +44 (0) 7849 922 828
    History cultural international history Japan modernisation IAPS
  • Dr Andreas Kropp

    Art and archaeology of the Near East in the Hellenistic and Roman periods ie. what is today Syria, Lebanon, Israel/Palestine and Jordan from 300BC to AD 300. Art and architecture of the so-called Roman 'client' kings of 100 BC to AD 100 including Herod the Great and the Nabataean kings. Ancient architecture including the Temple at Jerusalem, Masada, Herodium, Caesarea and Jordan's Petra.
    +44 (0) 115 951 4293
    History Art archaeology roman syria Lebanon Israel history
  • Dr Spencer Mawby

    Post-war British foreign and colonial policy. British policy towards the recreation of a German army during the late 1940s and early 1950s. British policy towards its last Arab colony in Aden. The Cold War. History of Britain's role in the Middle East. Relationship between nationalism and imperialism and issues relating to the end of the British Empire.
    +44 (0) 115 951 5932
    History post-war britain Britain middle east nationalism imperialism empire arab the cold war Germany
  • Professor Judith Jesch

    Viking studies. Runic inscriptions. Old Norse.
    +44 (0) 115 951 5925
    Arts and Culture Brexit History English viking Studies age
  • Dr Mark Pearce

    Earlier prehistory. Italian prehistory. Early copper mining. Early metallurgy. Early farming.
    +44 (0) 115 951 4839
  • Professor John Young

    Post-1945 history of British and US foreign policy (including British relations with European Union).
    +44 (0) 115 951 5934
    History history Foreign policy European Union us Britain International Relations
  • Dr Neil Sinclair

    Ethics and ethical language: the use of ethical language such as 'good' and 'morally abhorrent' to influence people's actions, to increase emotional tension and how the use of moral language falls in and out of fashion in politics. Environmental ethics: our obligations to the natural world and the notion of sustainability.
    +44 (0) 115 951 3428
    Arts and Culture History ethics ethical Language Environmental Sustainability
  • Dr Richard Gaunt

    Politics-1750-1850. Aristocrats as electioneers, eg 4th Duke of Newcastle's influence in Notts. Political culture c1789-1848, including the press, constituency factors, public opinion. Gladstone, Disraeli, Wellington, Peel. History of the conservative party. Political caricatures and cartoons of the 18th and 19th-centuries including Hogarth, Gillray, Cruikshank, John Doyle and Punch magazine.
    +44 (0) 115 951 5930
    History humanities history politics 17th century Conservative party
  • Dr David Appleby

    Dr Appleby is interested in supervising student research in several areas of early modern British history, such as:The British Civil Wars 1639-1652The Commonwealth and Protectorate 1649-1660The Restoration 1660-1685Crime and punishment in early modern England 1500-1750Early modern preachingEarly modern Essex and its hinterlandsEarly modern Staffordshire and its hinterlands
    +44 (0) 115 846 86 38
    History British history civil war Commonwealth restoration essex staffordshire
  • Dr Christopher Phelps

    American political history and elections. Labour relations and strikes, American and global. American intellectual and cultural history, including pragmatism and other currents of philosophy. Socialism, communism, Marxism, anarchism and radicalism and related movements worldwide. Twentieth-century American history, including the Great Depression and the 1960s. Race, racism and African-American history and thought, including the civil rights movement.
    +44 (0)115 9514211/+44 (0)1636 816045
    American Politics History Politics World America politics elections Labour relations strike action USA Culture philosophy Socialism Communism Marxism Anarchism Radicalism history Racism african-american civil rights race
  • Dr Robert A Lambert

    Environmental history. Tourism and the environment. Sustainable tourism. Eco-tourism. Environmental management. Environmental policy. Birds and birdwatching. British wildlife. Television and radio natural history/wildlife programming. BBC Natural History Unit. Australia and New Zealand ecology. Public history and heritage. Environmental geography. Landscape history. Antarctica.
    +44 (0)115 8466699/07799 126461/+44 (0)1664 822150
    Brexit Business and economy Environment History World Environment Tourism birds wildlife Television and Radio australia new zealand ecology history heritage landscape Geography Antarctica
  • Professor Peter Ling

    African American history. American history. Non-violence and social justice. Martin Luther King Jnr and political education in the civil rights movement. John F Kennedy. Kennedy assassination. Historic commemorations. Gun control in the US.
    +44 (0)115 951 4268
    American Politics Arts and Culture Crime History Politics World African American history social justice civil rights Martin Luther King Jnr political education John F Kennedy assassination commemorations gun control us
  • Professor Zoe Trodd

    Contemporary slavery and human trafficking; historical and contemporary antislavery movements; antislavery campaigns; the voices of slavery survivors. Professor Trodd is Director of the Rights Lab, a University Beacon of Excellence.
    Arts and Culture History Politics Rights Lab Protest social justice Contemporary Slavery human trafficking American and British slavery civil rights Racism segregation and lynching gay rights photography America Literature American Civil War memory memorialisation
  • Dr Christina Lee

    Viking studies. Vikings in Britain. Anglo-Saxon studies. Old English. Disease and disability in early medieval England. Food and drink in early medieval funerary rites. Women in Anglo-Saxon England. Viking women.
    +44 (0)115 846 7194
    Arts and Culture History Vikings Anglo-Saxon Old English Medieval English Norse women Funerary rites

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