Professor Maiken Umbach

Professor Maiken Umbach
Humanities (History)
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Expertise summary

The everyday practice of ideology: how ordinary' people assimilate political beliefs and make them work for themselves; the politics of 'authenticity'.

How political beliefs travel between different cultural and religious context, or between the past and the present.

Nazi propaganda and ideology, particularly key texts (numerous media comments on "Mein Kampf") and visual culture.

The problems of using 'perpetrator' photography to commemorate the Holocaust and other atrocities.

Dealing with difficult pasts (especially Nazi Germany; its photographic and architectural legacies); the problems of exhibiting difficult histories in museums. Dangerous texts? Dealing with iconic political texts and their legacies today (esp popularity of Hitler's Mein Kampf) The role of culture in regional identity politics in Europe.

Professor Umbach is part of The University of Nottingham’s EU/Europe Expert Group.


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