Dr Sascha Auerbach

Dr Sascha Auerbach

Expertise summary

My research focuses on race and migration in the nineteenth century, with a particular interest in the Indian and Chinese labour diasporas, the legacies of slavery, and the dynamics of colonial governance.

University links: Institute for the Study of Slavery (ISOS) and the Centre for the Study of Political Ideologies. Also UNC--Chapel Hill, the National University of Singapore, the University of Melbourne, and King's College London.

More information can be found on Dr Auerbach's webpage.

Consultancy and Research:  Dr Auerbach is happy to explore opportunities to undertake consultancy and research work with external organisations.

Media credentials

I have worked with the Discovery Channel, the History Channel/Yesterday Channel, and the Weather Channel. I have also been sought as a contributor to The Guardian, The Independent, and The Sun (online).


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