Dr Virginia Panizzo

Dr Virginia Panizzo

Expertise summary

Ginnie is a freshwater ecologist and stable isotope geochemist whose work focuses on environmental change and biogeochemical cycling in aquatic ecosystems. In tandem with my research on algal proxies, I am interested in reconstructing the impact that humans and climate change have had on freshwater systems over the past 2000 years.

Research Group: Geosciences Research Theme.

University links: Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment, Vietnamese Academy of Sciences and Technology, University Malaya Sabah, University Kebangsaan Malaysia, UNMC UoN Biosceinces. We have a vast number of collaborators and partners from India, Bangladesh and Vietnam as part of our Living Deltas Hub.

More information can be found on Dr Panizzo's webpage.

Consultancy and Research:  Dr Panizzo is happy to explore opportunities to undertake consultancy and research work with external organisations.

Policy credentials

We have a created policy brief for the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment, Vietnam on the value of water quality monitoring.

Industry credentials

British Geological Survey - centre for Environmental Geochemistry.


Virginia Panizzo

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