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Dr Mark Bradley 
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History, society and culture of the Roman world. Primary sensory experiences of ancient Rome - the colours, sounds, smells and tastes experienced by Romans and how they approached cleanliness and hygiene.

Dr Bradley has made a number of appearances on television and radio. He appeared as an academic consultant for the making of the 1960s Doctor Who: The Romans, released on DVD in 2009. He was also lead consultant for a BBC4 series on religion in the city of Rome from paganism to Christianity, Rome: a History of the Eternal City, presented by Simon Sebag Montefiore and aired in December 2012. The episode Dr Bradley appeared in can be viewed on YouTube.

Most recently Dr Bradley was a consultant and talking head for a BBC 1 documentary titled Rome's Invisible City, presented by Alexander Armstrong and Michael Scott, which aired in 2015. He has appeared on Radio 4's Front Row and ABC's The Body Sphere talking about colour in the ancient world.

Dr Bradley currently contributes to two blogs, Argonauts and Emperors and Saturated Space: The Colour Purple in Ancient Rome.

More information about Dr Bradley can be found on his website.


Dr Mark Bradley

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