Dr Dominick Shaw

Dr Dominick Shaw
School of Medicine 
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Expertise summary

Dr Shaw specalises in Asthma, airways disease and respiratory emergencies, including provision of the respiratory taught course

Dr Shaw's three main interests all fall under the umbrella of asthma research.Firstly the airway and airway epithelium. He has two projects; one examining the role of macrolide antibiotics on the airway epithelium, using epithelial cells cultured from well phenotyped asthma patients and a second looking at distal airway inflammation using a small bronchial brush technique.

Continuing research from his thesis, he is evaluating the role of exhaled nitric oxide in treatment decisions in asthma care and have a funded study in this area.

Finally, he is investigating the role of the small airways in asthma using hyperpolarized xenon MRI imaging in animal models.

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Professor Dominick shaw

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