Nigel Hunt

Nigel Hunt
Psychiatry and Applied Psychiatry, School of Medicine, 
0115 846 6484 / 07872 072048

Expertise summary

I am a health psychologist with a specific interest in traumatic stress, mainly but not entirely focused on war. I use a variety of approaches, but draw increasingly on narrative approaches to psychological understanding.

I have also conducted research on the impact of alopecia (hair loss). Much of my work is international.

War and traumatic stress - Alopecia - Remembrance and memorialisation - History and psychology

Previous media experience: Nigel has regularly appeared on local radio - Radio 4, e.g. Today, Woman's Hour, own programme on alopecia - Television, BBC, ITV, C4, Iranian TV - Most national and some local newspapers.

Interested in external consultancy and research collaboration opportunities. 

Media Relations - External Relations

The University of Nottingham
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telephone: +44 (0) 115 951 5798