Professor Kevin Browne

Professor Kevin Browne
School of Medicine, Division of Psychiatry and Applied Psychology
Director of the Centre for Forensic and Family Psychology
+44 (0) 115 823 2210 , +44 (0) 7770 750 554 

Expertise summary

Assessment of violent and sexual offenders, the development and assessment of risk for agression, anti-social and criminal behaviour in children, teenagers and adults. The potential for violence by parents and caregivers and individuals high risk for child abuse and neglect. Assessments on parenting in general and evaluation of parent-child interaction and relationships from an attachment theory perspective. Consequences and developmental effects of children growing up in a violent family and witnessing spouse or elder abuse or experiencing physical, emotional or sexual abuse. Expert witness in family court on child care proceedings and in criminal court proceedings involving physical and sexual violence.

Among the specific issues which Professor Brown has contributed on are have the effects of porn on child development and sexting; child abandonment and institutional care of young children in Europe, Central Asia, SE Asia & Latin America, working with UNICEF in Panama and Colombia; assessments in forensic practice; risk assessment for runaways and missing children.

Professor Browne is Director of the Centre for Forensic and Family Psychology and is Professor of Forensic Psychology and Child Health.

Previous media experience has included TV documentaries on the effects of media violence (BBC Panorama), violent offenders, violence to the elderly (Channel 4 Dispatches), Sex Offenders, Sibling violence, risk assessment. Interviews on BBC, Channel 4, ITV and Sky News, related to child care & protection, child abandonment, abuse & neglect. Numerous radio interviews and newspaper articles concerned with above.

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