Dr Afzal Ashraf

Dr Afzal Ashraf
School of Politics & International Relations
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Expertise summary

Dr Ashraf can talk about terrorism and counter terrorism - Dr Ashraf has a PhD in Al Qaeda's ideology and is a Senior Government Advisor.

Dr Ashraf has designed policy and training for countering violent extremism in various parts of the world.

He can talk about religious extremism and ideology; Counter narratives; global security and conflict - he spent over 30 years in the UK Armed Forces as a senior officer. He served in Iraq as a Counter Insurgency and Political specialist and in Afghanistan as an Inter security advisor to the Minister of Interior.

Dr Ashraf is currently developing expertise in the new ways of War and Hybrid warfare. Deterrence, disruption and coercion and influence. airpower and leadership culture.

He can talk about international relations and diplomacy.

Dr Ashraf Served in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Conducted
international negotiations, carried out political analysis and drafted policy. He also designed and delivered a successful course in International Diplomacy.

He has some regional political and security expertise in the Middle East and South East Asia.

He can talk around information exploitation - intelligence processes and agencies; information as a commercial commodity and cyber security.

Policy credentials

Wide ranging policy experience from working in the UK foreign office with DFID and the MoD. I have been a senior government adviser on counter-terrorism and security issues.

Media credentials

Extensive experience of working with global media, including press, radio and TV providing live or pre-recorded commentary on defence, security and diplomacy issues as well as on technology topics.

Industry credentials

Experience of the aerospace industry, information assurance and cyber security enterprises. As well as a strategic overview of cutting-edge technology applications in the security and defence sector.


Afzal Ashraf

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