Dr Hannah Wilkinson

Dr Hannah Wilkinson
Sociology and Social Policy

Expertise summary

Dr Wilkinson's research explores the areas of war, state violence and social harm. Her expertise include theories and experiences of war, along with the mechanics of atrocity and genocide. Currently, she is writing about how to heal harms of war, and also holds expertise in criminal law, human rights, abolitionist theories and transformative justice (i.e. non-punishment responses to harm).

She has conducted research with British ex-military personnel about their experiences of delivering violence in the 'war on terror' and the complexity of transitioning to post-conflict life amid a time of austerity. She has also had work published on the experiences of criminalised ex-military personnel and have worked with third-sector charities to help deliver veteran-specific services.

More broadly, she has taught a wide variety of topics in criminology over the past ten years and can speak to issues around imprisonment, border detention and treatment of refugees and migrants (e.g. border camps), mental health and social vulnerabilities, policing, and politics.

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