August 2011

The rise of social media: what's next for the world?

University of Nottingham Ningbo China campus to host international conference on the future of social media technology.

Tiny test tubes and getting to grips with quantum gravity

Nottingham academics awarded prestigious international funding grants for research innovation.

Lack of comparative research into acne treatments could limit their effectiveness

Acne - experts say there is very little research evidence to show which treatments work best.

Drawing 'integral' to science learning

More should be done to encourage students to use their drawing skills in science education, researchers at The University of Nottingham say.

What's in a name?

A postgraduate student at The University of Nottingham is recruiting volunteers for a study that will aim to explore the links between names and potential ethnic and racial discrimination.

50,000th subscriber signs up for award winning science website

50,000th subscriber signs up to the award winning science website – the Periodic Table of Videos.

Prolonged breastfeeding does not protect against eczema

There is no clear evidence that exclusive breastfeeding for four months or longer protects against childhood eczema

Modelling emotions: a potential new therapy for disturbed teenagers

Researchers are to investigate whether the therapeutic effects of clay modelling could help disturbed teenagers deal with feelings of anger, anxiety and depression.

And they're off...1,000 mile Life Cycle begins

The University of Nottingham Life Cycle team are setting off on a gruelling 1,000-mile charity bike ride from John O'Groats to Land's End.

Major funding announced for hearing and digestive diseases research

£13.5 million funding has been awarded to the Nottingham Biomedical Research Units in hearing and digestive diseases.

New risk score spots patients at high risk of serious blood clots

A new risk prediction tool can identify patients at high risk of serious blood clots who might need preventative treatment, according to a study published on

Seeing eye to eye is key to copying, say scientists

Researchers from The University of Nottingham have found that the key to copying may lie in an unspoken invitation communicated through eye contact.

Study for a UK degree in Asia — with a full scholarship

The University of Nottingham is offering 10 full undergraduate scholarships to study at its campuses in Asia.

Carbon nanotube structures changed by 'attack' from within, researchers discover

Researchers show that chemical reactions which change the structure of carbon nanotubes can be sparked by an 'attack' from within.

Bollywood blockbuster filmed on campus

A time-travelling Bollywood love story showcases University campuses and other famous Nottingham locations.

Growing demand for British university education in China

A record number of students have applied to study at The University of Nottingham Ningbo China.

Why China's 'Little Emperors' are not credit card slaves

China's young, affluent consumers are savvy about the costs of borrowing and wary about debt, according to new research.

Protecting freedom of speech - online

Free speech online has just as much legal protection as it does in traditional media, according to a UN decision guided by a Nottingham academic.

Curry spice could offer treatment hope for tendinitis

A derivative of a common culinary spice found in Indian curries could offer a new treatment hope for sufferers of the painful condition tendinitis

Nottingham scientists pioneer new method for nanoribbon production

Research could pave the way for nanomaterials to make a new generation of computers that are faster, smaller and more powerful

New antidepressants increase risks for elderly

Older people taking new generation antidepressants are at more risk of dying or suffering from a range of serious health conditions, a study says

Improving early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease

Researchers awarded £670,000 to develop a new test that will pick up the presence of Alzheimer's much sooner than currently possible.

Leading animal scientist wins prestigious Marshall medal

A leading University of Nottingham animal scientist has been awarded one of the most prestigious medals in the field of animal reproductive biology.
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