April 2015

Higher levels of inattention at age seven linked with lower GCSE grades

New research has shown that children who display increasing levels of inattention at the age of seven are at risk of worse academic outcomes in their GCSE examinations.

May Fest 2015 – the free family open day returns

The University of Nottingham once more welcomes neighbours and alumni for its annual community open day on Saturday 9 May, 11am-5pm.

Climate change: how Brits feel about 'smart' energy

Reluctance to share data about personal energy use is likely to be a major obstacle when implementing 'smart' technologies designed to monitor use and support energy efficient behaviours, according to new research led by academics at The University of Nottingham.

Specialist science, engineering and computing academy officially opens

The Chief Executive Officer of Siemens UK has officially opened Nottingham University Academy of Science and Technology (NUAST).

Caterpillar fungus could hold the key to relieving the pain of osteoarthritis

A drug from a parasitic mushroom that lives on caterpillars could become an effective new painkiller for people with osteoarthritis within the next six years.

Protecting our rights to privacy and digital dignity

Researchers are designing tools and services to help people protect their privacy on social media and take more control over their personal data.

Education experts are first recipients of prestigious international award

Two Professors from The University of Nottingham have been recognised for their innovative and influential work in mathematics education spanning more than 35 years.

Biotechnology YES underway in 20th year with a new partner on board

The 2015 Biotechnology Young Entrepreneurs Scheme (YES) for early career researchers is now open for entries.

Citizen scientists sought for project to age the surface of Mars

'Citizen scientists' get the chance to transform our understanding of the planet Mars.

Nottingham China Campaign launches with gala fundraiser for dementia research

The new Nottingham China Campaign was launched recently, designed to increase linkages between the Nottingham and China across a range of areas.

Pet foods contain animal contents not explicitly identified on labels

Pet food labelling comes under scrutiny.
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