January 2019

Study into age-related eye disease to investigate genetic risk factors

Over 60s residents of an East Yorkshire town are being offered the chance to play an important role in the future development of personalised treatments for age-related eye disease.

Puffin bills 'glow' under UV light, study discovers

They're one of our most beloved seabirds and are famous for their prominent, brightly-coloured beaks, but now researchers at the University of Nottingham have discovered that puffins have been harbouring a clever 'super power' in their beautiful bills.

New guidance for vets launched to 'Keep Britain's Pets Healthy'

New recommendations to help vets give pet owners the best possible consultations on how to keep their animals healthy have been launched by researchers at the University of Nottingham and global pharmaceutical company MSD Animal Health.

Nottingham ends unconditional offers

The University of Nottingham will cease making unconditional offers to all undergraduate applicants from this September, unless they already hold their qualifications. The University took the decision in December to end its High Achievers scheme, introduced in 2014 to secure and support the most talented students. This will affect those applying for September 2020 entry onwards.The scheme's use of unconditional offers initially proved useful in attracting applicants from disadvantaged backgrounds and delivered modest gains in student recruitment and conversion in targeted subjects.

Periodic Table celebrations will have Nottingham in its element

The International year of the Periodic Table is launched today (Jan 29th) in Paris and the University of Nottingham has revealed some exciting plans to celebrate this scientific milestone, including creating a Nottingham Periodic table featuring recognisable landmarks, sayings and people from the city.

Phone or video call therapy improves health anxiety and saves money, study finds

A new study by mental health experts has found that easy-access, remotely-delivered psychological treatment can significantly reduce extreme health anxiety in people who repeatedly go to the doctor, or hospital emergency departments.

New theory sends temperatures to new lows

Researchers have developed a new theory for recording the lowest temperatures ever measured, with the largest accuracy allowed by the laws of Nature. This line of research holds promise to revolutionise low-temperature physics and could find a plethora of applications in emerging quantum technologies.

£1.5m grant to power the future of electric transport research

The Wolfson Foundation has generously donated £1.5m to fund state-of-the-art equipment that will advance research into sustainable, electric transport at the University of Nottingham.

UKCAT rebranded to UCAT as the test is launched in Australia and New Zealand

A widely-used clinical aptitude test which helps universities select the next generation of doctors and dentists is to be adopted by leading medical and dental schools in Australia and New Zealand.

New research to investigate a common Caesarean birth complication

Obstetricians, midwives and women who've had babies by Caesarean section are taking part in a new study to find out which technique is best used by the surgeon if the baby's head is found to be stuck in the pelvis at the time of Caesarean delivery.

Misuse of drugs appointment

New appointment for expert in misuse of medicines

University launches first-of-its-kind equipment to transform imaging of cells, tissues and materials

The University of Nottingham is the first university in the world to own and operate unique equipment which allows label-free chemical imaging of materials, cells and tissues, with the potential to transform research in these areas.The new 3DOrbiSIMS is the first production instrument of its kind and will have applications in a multi-disciplinary range of research areas, including biomedical implants, drug delivery systems, developing strategies to tackle antimicrobial resistance, organic electronic devices and engineering applications.

New report reveals stark north south divide in painkiller prescribing

A new report has revealed that patients in the north of the country are being prescribed almost four times more opioids to relieve pain than those in the south.The research by the University of Nottingham's School of Pharmacy and the University of Manchester is the first national study to examine the regional variations in opioid prescribing and how this links with socioeconomic status.

Prestigious royal appointment for University of Nottingham law professor

Professor Sue Arrowsmith from the School of Law at the University of Nottingham has been appointed as an honorary QC (Queen's Counsel) by her Majesty the Queen.

Autistic people urgently need access to tailored mental health support

New research has revealed that people diagnosed with autism don't have access to effective mental health support, putting them at risk of self-harm and suicide. Researchers from the Universities of Nottingham, Coventry University, and the University of Cambridge worked with a steering group of Autistic adults to design and carry out the research which has recently been published in the journal Autism and will be featured as a podcast.

HRT tablets increase risk of blood clots in women

Women who use certain types of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) are at a higher risk of developing potentially life-threatening blood clots, new research has confirmed.

New research is using drones to tackle climate change

A team of Nottingham scientists is using drones to survey woody climbing plants and better understand how they may affect the carbon balance of tropical rainforests.

Shaping the future of vaping research

Smokers, vapers and non-smokers are being invited to help shape the future of medical research into the safety of e-cigarettes by taking part in a new online survey run by the University of Nottingham's UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies.
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