Sir Peter Mansfield - Book of Condolence

Professor Sir Peter Mansfield FRS,

Tributes have been paid to Nobel laureate Professor Sir Peter Mansfield, who has died at the age of 83.

Sir Peter pioneered the creation of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), one of the most important and revolutionary breakthroughs in modern medical science.

He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 2003 for his role in the development of MRI, which is used today in research, diagnosis and the treatment of millions of patients around the world.

The Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre at The University of Nottingham was named in honour of his pioneering work to change the face of modern medical science.


Sir Peter Mansfield

Messages of condolence

  • Chris Green
    1. At 5:46PM on 09 February 2017, Chris Green wrote

    My condolences to Lady Mansfield and the family, friends and former colleagues of Sir Peter Mansfield. Thank you Sir Peter for developing the technology that has helped the early diagnosis of conditions that have affected my family and countless others. We all owe you a huge debt of gratitude for the lives you have saved and prolonged through your work. Rest in peace.

  • Robert Austin
    2. At 5:53PM on 09 February 2017, Robert Austin wrote

    Your genius created an image where no eye could see. Thank you for my life.

  • jason long
    3. At 7:12PM on 09 February 2017, jason long wrote

    A sad lose to the world of MR imaging.

  • Ibrahim
    4. At 7:20PM on 09 February 2017, Ibrahim wrote

    Condolences to the family

  • J. Scott Price
    5. At 7:27PM on 09 February 2017, J. Scott Price wrote

    He was a pioneer in an area of science that improved the lives of so many through the imaging modality he helped create. Condolences.

  • Dominik Berzaczy
    6. At 7:28PM on 09 February 2017, Dominik Berzaczy wrote

    Please accept my deepest condolences for your family's loss.

  • Mark Schiebler
    7. At 7:33PM on 09 February 2017, Mark Schiebler wrote

    A great man and scientist to whom we owe a great debt for his seminal contributions in the field of MRI

  • Paul Jonsen
    8. At 7:35PM on 09 February 2017, Paul Jonsen wrote

    I am very saddened to hear of Peter's passing. Peter's early work in solid state NMR physics inspired my own PhD and we often had several memorable and enjoyable conversations when we met at conferences; the last being at Kings College London a few years ago. I will miss this! My thoughts are with him and his family.

  • Lisa Pyke
    9. At 7:41PM on 09 February 2017, wrote

    Sir Peter Mansfield contributions to MRI changed the landscape of medical imaging. He leaves our world with a profound legacy.

  • Mercedes Roca
    10. At 7:43PM on 09 February 2017, Mercedes Roca wrote

    Thank you Dr. Mansfield for your legacy. Always remembered in Spain.

  • Hans Ringertz
    11. At 7:46PM on 09 February 2017, Hans Ringertz wrote

    Professor Mansfield was a central researcher in the development of MR imaging. As chairman of the Nobel Assembly in 2003 I also met with a very resourceful but modest person that had had huge impact on generations of researchers around the world.

  • Todd Little
    12. At 7:47PM on 09 February 2017, Todd Little wrote

    My condolences to the Mansfield family for your loss. Thoughts with you from New Zealand.

  • Mark Doyle
    13. At 8:01PM on 09 February 2017, Mark Doyle wrote

    It was my great privilege to have studied under Sir Peter (affectionately referred to as PM in those days) and learn from him not just the science of MRI (NMR imaging in those days) but also how to reach beyond what is known. His reach was far greater than most.

  • Borislav Dimitrov
    14. At 8:10PM on 09 February 2017, Borislav Dimitrov wrote

    He will always be remembered for his contributions to the world of medicine and humanity as a whole. RIP

  • Douglas Kelley
    15. At 8:11PM on 09 February 2017, Douglas Kelley wrote

    Working with some of Prof Mansfield's students over the years has given me a deep appreciation for his accomplishments as a teacher and as a scientist. Their continued work stands as testimony to his vision and leadership.

  • Bob Turner
    16. At 8:50PM on 09 February 2017, Bob Turner wrote

    I was very moved to hear today of Sir Peter's death. As a junior lecturer working with him in the 1980's I can say that he changed my life. His wonderful enthusiasm for ideas, his insistence on honest science, his generosity in sharing his insights, will be long remembered. My heart goes out to his family, who have had such a great loss.

  • Dean Pekarovic
    17. At 9:02PM on 09 February 2017, Dean Pekarovic wrote

    Dear, for radiographers you opened a totally new field for our work. Working with MRI is unique opportunity and challenge. Thank you for your huge contribution.

  • Gagan Sidhu
    18. At 9:48PM on 09 February 2017, wrote

    While I was far from being born, let alone conscious, during the exciting period defined by the seventies and eighties that seemingly focused on the development commoditisation of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance technology, it is easy to see that Sir Peter Mansfield left a inescapable legacy; and deservedly so: as more time elapses, his legacy will likely grow in a linear fashion with it, giving humanity some of its earliest taste of the 'Man and Machine' concept.

    While I never knew this great Man, it was clear through those whom I've had the privilege of interacting with, he left a clear legacy that extends far beyond his work; his mannerisms were true to the British Way, and rightfully pervaded the accomplished scholars who are now left with the daunting task of continuing a journey that Sir Peter boldly chartered with a select few.

    From a personal perspective, Sir Peter's eponymous 1988 article 'Image formation by nuclear magnetic resonance' fittingly answered any questions I had, whilst maintaining a pragmatic discussion about the technology. As a computing scientist whose interests seemingly always ended up on the periphery of mathematics, but never extending as far to exercising the laborious (and notorious) discipline necessary to make productive contributions (as Sir David John Cameron MacKay [son of Donald MacCrimmon] would admit, may both rest in peace with Sir Peter), it is the work of the likes of Sir Peter, and those whom he undoubtedly inspired, that allowed such individuals to contribute to a field he will forever be associated with.

    Thank you Sir Peter for all you've done for Britain, and thank you for clearly making the best of every situation. You were, in my opinion, a living example of what it is to be a great scientist who was a countryman. I hope that I will be to incorporate some semblance of your conduct into my own.

    A leader by example.

    Rest in Peace.

  • Hayley Chung
    19. At 12:48AM on 10 February 2017, Hayley Chung wrote

    I was honoured to work at Sir Peter's centre at Nottingham, what an inspirational gentleman. Thank you for all his hard work and for making such a difference to this world. My thoughts are with his family at this time.

  • Ali Newaz
    20. At 12:49AM on 10 February 2017, Ali Newaz wrote

    We lost Top savior of 21st century. He just saved two of my relatives which was very important for the family. Without creation MRI they wouldn't survive. Sir, I pray you rest in peace.

  • Athmy Natalia
    21. At 1:24AM on 10 February 2017, Athmy Natalia wrote

    My deep condolences to Mansfields Family, Inventional breakthrough of imaging. Big thanks to you Sir.

  • Dr Hussam Rimawi
    22. At 4:34AM on 10 February 2017, Dr Hussam Rimawi wrote

    Sincere codelances

  • Mohan Rangana
    23. At 4:38AM on 10 February 2017, Mohan Rangana wrote

    Radiology community and modern medical science has lost a stalwart. Rest in peace.

  • Michael Silver
    24. At 6:19AM on 10 February 2017, Michael Silver wrote

    My condolences to Lady Mansfield and family; I am so sorry for your loss. Sir Peter's work inspired me to enter the field of "NMR Imaging"; what a contribution he has made to the world! What a legacy has he left behind!

  • Vasileios Papakostas, MD
    25. At 10:05AM on 10 February 2017, Vasileios Papakostas, MD wrote

    Rest in Peace. Your offer to the Humanity has to be fully understood

  • val adams
    26. At 10:12AM on 10 February 2017, val adams wrote

    Not only a genius, a totally wonderful person in every way, it was an honour to work with him. Heartfelt wishes to all his family

  • Dan Devos
    27. At 10:18AM on 10 February 2017, Dan Devos wrote

    The world has lost a man whose work had an enormous impact to millions; we can hardly fathom the grief of his family and loved ones. My sincere condolences to you. And to Sir Peter Mansfield my utmost gratitude for his legacy to Radiology.

  • Michael Steven
    28. At 11:35AM on 10 February 2017, Michael Steven wrote

    Not just a brilliant mind, but one that made the world a better place. We were privileged to have him. Deepest condolences to the family.

  • Philip Gordon Cowburn JP
    29. At 1:04PM on 10 February 2017, Philip Gordon Cowburn JP wrote

    Thank you Sir Peter for all you did - we are eternally thankful. Rest In Peace.

  • stan howell
    30. At 2:40PM on 10 February 2017, stan howell wrote

    My condolences to the family.

    Your genius will live with us forever. Rest in Eternal peace

  • Aditya Jyoti Basak
    31. At 2:55PM on 10 February 2017, Aditya Jyoti Basak wrote

    Your contributions will keep your name alive for ages to come. Rest in peace Sir. Rest in Peace

  • Eric Foxley
    32. At 3:46PM on 10 February 2017, Eric Foxley wrote

    The Cripps Computing Centre was proud to be part of the computing hardware and software involved in the early work. A wonderful project, Sir Peter.

  • Axel Ruprecht
    33. At 4:03PM on 10 February 2017, Axel Ruprecht wrote

    I was saddened to hear of Sir Mansfield's passing. I have been in radiology for close to 50 years and the development of MRI has been one of the most important changes in that entire time. Few people have so influenced the world around them. I should like to express my deepest sympathy to Lady Mansfield and the entire family. The world has lost a great man.

  • Sarah frankland
    34. At 5:22PM on 10 February 2017, Sarah frankland wrote

    I met Sir Peter briefly

    40years ago socially as my former late husband and I were friends of his colleague Bill Moore. This is a very frivolous comment but he was a very attractive fascinating man, l wish I had taken him up on his kind offer to show me around his department! My sympathy to his family friends and colleagues.

  • Dr Peter Grannell
    35. At 5:42PM on 10 February 2017, Dr Peter Grannell wrote

    It was a very great privilege to have Sir Peter Mansfield as my PhD adviser 1969-72 and research director 1972-74, and to assist him in the first exploratory steps towards making MRI a practical imaging technique. I have never forgotten the many kindnesses shown to me by Sir Peter and Lady Jean at that time and later. Sir Peter’s scientific prowess, energy and inventiveness are well known. Less well known, perhaps, except by those who have had the good fortune to collaborate with him, were his excellence and patience as a teacher and mentor, and his willingness to share with his students and collaborators the credit for the scientific advances he led. My deep condolences to Lady Jean and their family.

  • Swachchhanda Songmen
    36. At 10:48PM on 10 February 2017, Swachchhanda Songmen wrote

    Rest in Peace. You continue to inspire us forever.

  • David Guilfoyle
    37. At 10:50PM on 10 February 2017, David Guilfoyle wrote

    My condolences to Lady Mansfield and family for your loss. It was a great pleasure, honour and privilege to have studied under Sir Peter. He was truly a brilliant scientist and pioneer.

  • Bashar Issa
    38. At 5:37AM on 11 February 2017, wrote

    He was not only a great scientists, his humbleness and dignity were unique.

    May Allah shower him with mercy and his wife and family with patience.

  • Gopadile Oarabile
    39. At 11:10AM on 11 February 2017, Gopadile Oarabile wrote

    My condolences to the family. Thanks for one of the brilliant inventions in medical imaging.

  • Gopadile Oarabile
    40. At 11:21AM on 11 February 2017, Gopadile Oarabile wrote

    My condolences to the family. Thanks for one of the brilliant inventions in medical imaging.

  • Anita French
    41. At 11:36AM on 11 February 2017, Anita French wrote

    He was a truly inspirational gentleman. Lovely to see him at the anniversary just a few weeks ago.

  • Dr. Anal K. Jha
    42. At 12:52PM on 11 February 2017, Dr. Anal K. Jha wrote

    I am perturbed to hear the demise of our founding stone, Prof. Mensfield and fail to express my feelings for him. One thing what I have learnt from his life is- Great People are always Silent and Simple in their pursuits. His visits to our lab at cambridge and my maiden visit to Nottingham and a brief yet very congenial interaction with him will ever nestle my heart. I rather feel blessed to be a member of the Mensfield a former student of Prof. Peter Morris.

    I express my tearful condolences to his family which also includes our group members. I am really shocked and awfully perturbed. May his Pious soul rest in peace.

  • Nicola Kemp
    43. At 2:10PM on 11 February 2017, Nicola Kemp wrote

    It was a pleasure to work at the SPMMRC getting to meet this wonderful, inspirational man.

    RIP such a sad loss, but his legacy will live on so he will never be forgotten. Xxx

  • Ziyad Yehia
    44. At 2:43PM on 11 February 2017, Ziyad Yehia wrote

    I met Sir Peter briefly when he gave a talk about his magnificent work at the TEDx 2014 conference held at Nottingham.

    I remember helping him on stage, and he shooed me away with his walking stick in a colourful and jokey way.

    A brilliant mind and a brilliant man.

    He will truly be missed, but his legacy will live on.

  • Alex Gardener
    45. At 3:09PM on 11 February 2017, Alex Gardener wrote

    Very sad news. Condolences to his family and friends, colleagues and peers. I was privileged to be a post-grad student at the SPMMRC when he was awarded his Nobel prize, and I got to hold it, all too briefly! I also managed to set fire to his scanner during my PhD, which we don't talk about ... ! A very fine and nice man, with such brilliant ideas.

  • Paul R. Harvey
    46. At 3:39PM on 11 February 2017, wrote

    My sincere condolences. So happy I got the chance to speak with him one last time at the anniversary. Peter saw enough in me to give me the chance and privilege to study my Ph.D. with him. What an inspiration and an example to the world he was. This week I was visiting my colleagues in Bangalore, India. Amazing that I spoke his name on a few occasions and witnessed the respect he commands for generations of scientist and engineers across the globe (and culture). On learning about his passing, a number of my Indian colleagues offered their condolences to me…and I pass them on here. Peter was my Ph.D. supervisor, mentor, inspiration and lifelong reference of all that it means to be a physicist on a mission. Not only was he a catalyst for many aspects of my own life, he has changed all of our lives! The pioneering work on MRI by Peter Mansfield and colleagues, has resulted in arguably one of the greatest technological and humanitarian achievements of the human race to date. Extremely humbled and proud to have had the opportunity to work and celebrate with Peter. Immensely grateful to have been spending the last 29 years of my own life continuing and evolving his work and vision. Without my association with Peter, I would not have gone to that conference at Cambridge University in 1989 and I would not have spotted Ronnitte, the woman who became my wife and mother to our children. I am fortunate that Peter's time on this planet has impacted much more than my professional life alone.

  • Bryan Jones
    47. At 7:20PM on 11 February 2017, Bryan Jones wrote

    I was privileged to be a demonstrator with Peter in my days as a Research Student at Nottingham (1965-68). His enthusiasm, determination and drive were inspirational. I remember hearing a rumour that his group had imaged the inside of an orange - without cutting it! I didn't realise the significance at the time. The whole world does now.

  • Jon Hykin
    48. At 8:21PM on 11 February 2017, Jon Hykin wrote

    My condolences to Sir Peter's family. My persistent memory from the 90's as a student of his was the sudden gleam in his eye and the overwhelming enthusiasm and focused genius when he had seen something in the data. My thoughts are with his family, friends and colleagues.

  • Penny Gowland
    49. At 11:03PM on 11 February 2017, Penny Gowland wrote

    Personally I remember Professor Sir Peter Mansfield as completely unpretentious despite his ever ever-increasing fame and success. He endlessly swopped spectacles, one pair probably repaired with sticky tape. In 25 years he never unpacked the boxes in his airy new office in the MR Centre. His wry smile in photos revealed the humour he found in every day events. Peter was no blinkered physicist, he had strong views on many world issues, informed by his life experiences. He famously loved languages and at one point arranged for a postdoc to try to teach the group Arabic. Peter was also very interested in people. I knew about his family, and he knew about mine: at the celebration in January, the first thing he asked me was about my husband’s job.

    Professionally I remember Peter as completely focused and driven. He gave his full, undivided attention to each problem in turn. After talking about contrast agent uptake curves for days, one night he produced a full mathematical model (explaining it to me with an electromagnetic analogy) and then moved on, leaving me to realise the model and write the paper. Of course Peter demanded perfection. I remember many anxious moments, using hexadecimal switches to tune the scanner to his exacting standards before the arrival of visiting dignitaries. Many people remember printing images for him, over and over again until they displayed the exact the contrast he wanted- the evidence can still be found in his office.

    Peter worked very hard, but in a way that was consistent with deep concentration. It is well documented that the flash of inspiration that brought ‘snapshot imaging’ (EPI) to the world, came whilst he was waiting for traffic lights on his way home for lunch. He went on to direct his group to work tirelessly for 15 years to bring EPI to reality whilst the rest of the world thought it was an irrelevance. EPI has since enabled more than 50000 fMRI studies of brain activation.

    I still have much to learn from Peter about short term goals, lunch breaks, distractions and perfection. But most of all I have to thank him for his generous mentorship: well before he ever talked of retiring Peter emphatically handed over part of his research programme to myself and a colleague. He gave us the chance to develop our own research programmes in a protected environment. Subsequently he never interfered, allowing us to build our own profiles without the risk of being overshadowed by his genius.

    Sir Peter was known as PM by everyone who worked with him, which tells you a lot about the man: he inspired deep respect and fond affection in everyone who worked with him.

  • Martin Wybourne
    50. At 11:33PM on 11 February 2017, Martin Wybourne wrote

    Sir Peter’s scientific accomplishments have had a lasting impact on society. It was a privilege to take courses from Sir Peter and to have been part of the physics department in the 1970s when his seminal MRI work was taking place. My condolences to his family.

  • Sunita Gopalan
    51. At 12:25PM on 12 February 2017, Sunita Gopalan wrote

    MRI has become such a routine investigation in our daily life. It helps multitudes of patients and their physicians come to a diagnosis..and relevant treatment. The extent of its impact is immeasurable . That truly is the mark of his contribution. Rest in peace.

  • Thomas Kahn
    52. At 3:42PM on 12 February 2017, Thomas Kahn wrote

    in October of 2006 Sir Peter Mansfield received the honorate doctorship of the University of Leipzig. Afterwards he visited our Department of Radiology at the University Hospital together with his former teacher Prof. Charles Slichter from the University of Illinois. I had the opportunity to present our own research results especially covering interventional MRI. We had a lively discussion afterwards and I was impressed by his profound comments and warmhearted character.

    Sir Peter really changed the world. My condolences go to his Family.

    Thomas Kahn

  • Niall Colgan
    53. At 9:19PM on 12 February 2017, Niall Colgan wrote

    My condolences to Sir Mansfield's family. A great loss for the scientific community.

  • Mary McLean
    54. At 9:41AM on 13 February 2017, Mary McLean wrote

    Sincere condolences to the family and colleagues of a great man. I was lucky to get to spend 2 years of my PhD in Nottingham working in the large brilliant friendly group he built around him, and I look back on that period as one of the happiest of my career. PM was a beacon of inspiration to us all.

  • Jacqueline Fowler
    55. At 2:33PM on 13 February 2017, Jacqueline Fowler wrote

    On behalf of the British Institute of Radiology, I would like to extend my condolences to the Mansfield family. Sir Peter was an Honorary Fellow of the BIR and the recipient of our Barclay Medal.

  • Dr.Chandra Thakkar
    56. At 8:07PM on 13 February 2017, Dr.Chandra Thakkar wrote

    MR and CT scanning changed our lives for the better. Both these truly great British physicists left their “footprints on the sands of time”.

    I am professionally indebted to them for making the sub speciality of neuro-radiology so very attractive in the formative years of my chosen career.

    My thoughts are with his family at this difficult time. I pray his soul rests in peace.

  • Terry Davies
    57. At 9:48AM on 14 February 2017, Terry Davies wrote

    I have many memories of PM pulling up a chair next to me to sit down whilst I worked on the computer on his diagrams, presentations, photographs and the like. Above all, during these sessions, it's the entertaining conversations covering a wide range of topics, many of them very amusing that I will treasure. Farewell PM, you will be sadly missed by many who had the privilege of knowing you. I am very proud feel able to include myself in that group. My condolences to his family. Terry Davies

  • Davide Santoro
    58. At 10:13AM on 14 February 2017, Davide Santoro wrote

    I was deeply moved when I heard that Sir Peter has recently deceased.

    I feel so sorry for his family and all the Nottingham gruop,

    especially after having seen him again at the celebration of the centre.

    I will bring his example, his devotion and his words always with me.


    Davide Santoro

  • Hans Wolfgang Spiess
    59. At 11:45AM on 14 February 2017, wrote

    I got to know Peter during his sabbatical stay at the Max Planck Institute in Heidelberg in the early seventies of the past century. At that time he was working on multiple pulse line narrowing and was mainly interacting with Ulrich Haeberlen, also a pioneer in that field. We did not know that at the same time he was conceiving NMR diffraction as described in his autobiography. Throughout his life, Peter remained a very modest man and a colleague, we will never forget.

    Clearly the magnetic resonance community lost another giant of our field, and I convey my deep sorrow also as Past President of the International Society of Magnetic Resonance (ISMAR) as Peter Mansfield received its highest distinction, the ISMAR Prize together with Paul Lauterbur in 1992.

    Hans Wolfgang Spiess

  • Peter Jezzard
    60. At 2:58PM on 14 February 2017, wrote

    I am very sorry to hear of Peter’s death. He was, and is, an inspiration to anyone who came from a humble background or who had an unorthodox early education. I first visited the Nottingham lab and met him in the mid 1980s, back in the days of home-built equipment and “resonant” (EPI) gradient technology. There was no doubting his formidable intellect and creative energy. His legacy is the incredible influence he has had on MRI technology and its clinical impact. Farewell PM.

  • Cesar Caballero-Gaudes
    61. At 9:41PM on 14 February 2017, Cesar Caballero-Gaudes wrote

    My most sincere condolences to the Manfield family, friends and colleagues at the University of Nottingham. Although I never spoke to him, it can be said that Sir Peter Mansfield changed my life and the lives of our family. In 2006 I and my wife Maria left everything behind in our hometown, basically guided by the fact that Sir Peter Mansfield had been awarded the Nobel prize and I was offered a Marie Curie fellowship to work in 'his' MRI centre. At the time I was not fully conscious of the greatness and the reputation of the SPMMRC. I still remember two days after our arrival to the centre in September 2006 when he walked through the corridor to his office, and Prof. Penny Gowland just told the group of Marie Curie fellows: "He is Peter Mansfield, the inventor of MRI, the technique you will work on, and Nobel Laureate". I was shocked. During my years at the SPMMRC, I was always impressed by his presence and the fact he continued working to improve MRI, despite all his success, despite having been awarded everything that a scientist could dream about. He was such a source of inspiration and admiration. Hence, yes... it is because of him that my life is as it is. Very sad news, but his work and legacy will remain among us forever and ever.

  • Professor Dr. Reza Chowdhury, MD
    62. At 4:20AM on 15 February 2017, wrote

    I am sad to learn of Sir Peter's passing away. My sincere condolences to his family. We shall all remember him for his contributions in medicine. He will continue to inspire generations to come.

  • Paul Glover
    63. At 2:48PM on 15 February 2017, Paul Glover wrote

    I would like to offer my sincere condolences to Lady Jean and the whole of Sir Peter’s family at this time.

    Many words have already been written in tribute to Sir Peter’s life and contribution to humanity. These are all true of course but it is my own personal gratitude to Sir Peter and what he did for me that I would like to record here. He had a profound influence on my life and work. He is why I am here at the centre that bears his name. I wouldn’t have wanted to work for anyone else or anywhere else. I did do each of these things once but gravitated back to Nottingham.

    I first met PM in 1979 as a student in my first year at university. My mother taught Peter and Jean’s daughters at the school they attended. During one parents’ evening when the Mansfields were expecting to talk about their daughters, my mother insisted on telling PM about her son and his interest in medical physics and electronics. Perhaps to keep her quiet and get back to the subject in hand (i.e. how she was teaching mathematics) he agreed to meet this spotty teenager he knew nothing about. But in reality this just reflected PM’s interest in people and desire to help in whatever way he could. We did meet and over a cup of tea in the appropriately named T2 tea-bar (now Coates) we discussed the unusual organisation of stack pointers on the SC/MP microprocessor. I then found out that it was PM that I saw on Tomorrow’s World climbing into a prototype imaging machine. At the time of screening in 1978 I had thought ‘that is fantastic’ and ‘that is what I want to do’. We then went to see the machines and he offered me a summer job building equipment for his next generation of scanners. I did this and the rest is history so to speak.

    I joined the Mansfield group properly in 1986 helping to build a variety of MRI scanners, working with a fantastic bunch of post-docs, PhD students, technical and admin staff, academics etc. All these people had a contribution to make but it was Sir Peter at the helm of the ship. He agreed to let me do a part-time PhD which was a real bonus for me and I thank him for that. He had exacting standards that he set for himself and others. His dogged determination never flagged and he instilled it in all of us. One went to see him with some fantastic outcome, and you would come away with a whole bunch of new things to do. But in the end it was all for the greater good: the development of MRI into what it is today. It was just the most fantastic time working for Sir Peter.

    However, I can’t say that we always agreed about what to do and the way forward, but this was purely at a professional level. On the odd occasion (well about twice) Sir Peter was wrong about something, but as long as you were able to justify the conclusion in a robust scientific or mathematical way then he accepted it and moved on to a different way of solving the problem. He did once accuse me of being ‘too much of an engineer’ when I said that something wouldn’t work for the umpteenth time. I have tried to correct this defect over the past 20 years! I always felt very specially treated and looked after by Sir Peter. But this is an illusion: Everyone was special and valued in his eyes, just as we read in other posts.

    So farewell and thank you Sir Peter, may you rest in peace. We are all immensely proud to have shared in a bit of what you achieved. We promise we will do all we can to honour your name and legacy as we continue the work you started here in Nottingham.

  • Waldemar Senczenko
    64. At 8:23AM on 16 February 2017, Waldemar Senczenko wrote

    On behalf on Agata and me, please accept our deepest condolences. We are deeply saddened by the loss that the entire MRI world and the SPMMRC especially have encountered. I'm truly sorry to learn of the loss of Sir Peter Mansfield.

  • Adam Bostock
    65. At 12:40PM on 16 February 2017, Adam Bostock wrote

    He was a great pioneer!

    He did more good for the world than all of the "celebrities".

    He was a nice guy, and my physics tutor at Nottingham University.

  • Dipal Thakker
    66. At 12:50PM on 16 February 2017, Dipal Thakker wrote

    Indeed very sorry to hear of Sir Peter's passing. My prayers and sincere condolences to his family.

    I am sure UoN and the world will try to build on Sir Peter's legacy and take it to new new highs.

  • Gillian Phillips
    67. At 3:02PM on 16 February 2017, Gillian Phillips wrote

    My condolences to Sir Peter's family and all those who knew him through their work. I never met Sir Peter Mansfield but I am indebted to his work for the wonderful job satisfaction of a radiography career in MRI.

  • Matt Swift
    68. At 3:58PM on 16 February 2017, Matt Swift wrote

    A true pioneer, makes me proud to be associated with the University.

    Leaves behind a monumental legacy, which will live on for a long, long time.

    Thoughts with friends and family.

  • Thomas Wainwright
    69. At 7:00PM on 16 February 2017, Thomas Wainwright wrote

    MRI at 3 Tesla picked up a lesion in my brain.

    MRI enabled the neurosurgeon to navigate for my operation.

    I am now completely seizure free and no longer take medication.

    MRI was able to show that the brain was all ok following complications of my neurosurgery that have now been resolved.

    MRI is Sir Peters and Nottingham’s legacy, thankfully when I was studying for my Master's degree at Nottingham University Sir Peter knew of the fruits of his and others labour.

    My condolences are to the family and friends of Sir Peter of whom I hope my experiences can be of some comfort in this difficult time.

  • John Dabell
    70. At 7:22PM on 16 February 2017, John Dabell wrote

    Without the staggering genius and hard work of this man, I'm not sure I'd be here. The M in MRI should be Mansfield.

  • Oliver
    71. At 7:26PM on 16 February 2017, Oliver wrote

    A true inspiration to us all. Thank you.

  • David Hayman
    72. At 1:42AM on 17 February 2017, David Hayman wrote

    while lying in that machine I was thinking of you and thanking you in helping to prolong my life.....As your cousin your growing up history is so true

    Lots of love and everlasting peace

  • Victor Barugahare
    73. At 6:37AM on 17 February 2017, Victor Barugahare wrote

    As a proud engineering graduate from University of Nottingham, one of the most amazing inventions I encountered at the university was MRI.

    God gave Prof Mansfield capabilities to make a difference in life, and he utilised that.

    God is the one who gives and takes. May Prof Mansfield's soul rest in everlasting peace.

  • Martyn Paley
    74. At 12:46PM on 17 February 2017, Martyn Paley wrote

    A massive contribution to the development of MRI along with all his colleagues in Nottingham. He taught me physics as an undergrad and postgrad lecturer starting in 1973 and I had some dealings with him when I worked in the early days of the MRI industry. Enjoyed being part of the 25th anniversary of his MRI centre and meeting him again just a few weeks ago.

  • Andrew Blamire
    75. At 5:41PM on 17 February 2017, Andrew Blamire wrote

    My condolences to the family of Sir Peter.

    It was an honour to have studied and worked under PM and to learn a discipline which has become my own life.

    Sir Peter had a tremendously creative mind, always full of new things to explore. His legacy in MRI truly is one of the greatest contributions to medical science - how many other inventions have directly touched the lives of so many people across the world?

  • Elizabeth Ironmonger
    76. At 9:33PM on 17 February 2017, Elizabeth Ironmonger wrote

    Sir Peter Mansfield,

    I cannot thank you enough. I have many reasons to be grateful to you. MRI is the reason I went to the University of Nottingham to study Physics. My 3rd project was based on fMRI. It challenged me and pushed me which has stood me in great stead. I have also had cause to have many MRI scans which have provided not only diagnosis to live my life to the full, but also provided comfort. I know this is true for many others. MRI saves lives! It's safe! And don't worry, I think the noise is a small price to pay. RIP

  • Rob Gallagher
    77. At 12:32PM on 18 February 2017, Rob Gallagher wrote

    A genius and a true visionary, he shaped the future of medical physics. He laid the groundwork for generations of study that has saved numerous lives, and will save countless more. One of the great scientists that will go down in history and be remembered for all the good he has done in the world.

  • Jessica Stolberg
    78. At 1:45PM on 18 February 2017, Jessica Stolberg wrote

    Condolences to the family of Sir Peter Mansfield. As an undergraduate, learning how to operate and using the MR scanner at the Sir Peter Mansfield centre made me feel so priveledged and further sparked my interest to work in the field of neuropsychology. Not only has his work helped look at structural/functional images in the human brain that we could never see in such beautiful detail before, but is crucial for early diagnosis and care for so many medical disorders. His contribution and inspiration will never be forgotten.

  • Charlotte O'Farrell
    79. At 5:07PM on 19 February 2017, Charlotte O'Farrell wrote

    What a wonderful contribution to the good of humanity. My thoughts are with his friends, family and those who worked with him over the years.

  • Lilian Borges
    80. At 6:39PM on 19 February 2017, Lilian Borges wrote

    Brilliant scientist and humble human being, that's a rare combination. Sir Peter will be greatly missed. My condolences to the family.

  • Andre Alaux
    81. At 7:26PM on 19 February 2017, Andre Alaux wrote

    Very bright scientist. I met him many Times by 1980. My condolences to his family and friends

  • Muhammad arshad
    82. At 10:18PM on 19 February 2017, Muhammad arshad wrote

    Thank you sir for this great invention. When my right leg was unable to move and advised MRI five years back in Pakistan I thought who will be its inventor. Today I am spending normal life thank you Sir Peter Mansfield thank you, my condolence are to the family and friends.

  • Chloe Wujkiw
    83. At 10:30AM on 20 February 2017, Chloe Wujkiw wrote

    My deepest sympathy and eternal thanks to an incredible genius who's mind in turn saved both my cousin and sons live's.

    Rest in peace.

  • Imran Mohammed
    84. At 11:26AM on 20 February 2017, Imran Mohammed wrote

    My condolences to Lady Mansfield and family & friends. He served his purpose of life by providing us a break-through diagnostic tool. It has indeed saved many lives and will do in future as well. A great inspiration for many in past and infinite in future...R.I.P. Sir Peter...

  • Frieda de Maeyer
    85. At 4:05PM on 20 February 2017, Frieda de Maeyer wrote

    So proud my son is studying in the same university. R.I.P. Sir Mansfield. Thank you for dedicating your life in the world of medicine

    86. At 5:10PM on 20 February 2017, STEPHEN N J MULLOY wrote


  • Paul Petty
    87. At 10:09PM on 20 February 2017, Paul Petty wrote

    My condolences to his family. I was proud to discover he credited my father Dan Petty in his biography. My father was a technician at QMC where he did his phd and my sister remembers his sense of fun. It is a credit to his modesty that he did not just remember those as eminent as him self. I have ordered a copy of his biography and look forward to learning more about his contribution. RIP

  • Imo Ohizua
    88. At 11:18AM on 21 February 2017, Imo Ohizua wrote

    My condolences to the family of Sir Peter. His work on MRI has revolutionised medical imaging and I am proud to study at the same university as this great man worked.

  • Mary Angani
    89. At 3:26PM on 22 February 2017, Mary Angani wrote

    My condolences to his family

  • Carlos Sanders
    90. At 4:56PM on 22 February 2017, Carlos Sanders wrote

    Sir Peter Mansfield made life in a hospital easier with his MRI, positively influencing health all over the world.

    The world weeps for his loss. RIP

  • Paul Greatrix
    91. At 9:48AM on 23 February 2017, Paul Greatrix wrote

    Sir Peter made a huge contribution to science, medicine and the University of Nottingham. He was an inspirational figure to generations of staff and students and will be hugely missed.

  • Lee Haywod
    92. At 9:54AM on 23 February 2017, Lee Haywod wrote

    He had a great sense of humour and was a wonderful storyteller, yet his intelligence and knowledge was a benefit to us all.

  • Ayoola Makinde-Ojo
    93. At 10:11AM on 23 February 2017, Ayoola Makinde-Ojo wrote

    Rest with a Smile, Sir Peter. You confirm my theory that negligible is directly knowing a good man, but indelible is the felt impact of his deeds.

    My heart reaches out to those who bear the monumental loss of knowing him and feeling his impact, beyond me; and I'm challenged to resonate excellence within my vocation, by being an innovative change agent.

    God bless

  • Elaine Ellard
    94. At 10:18AM on 23 February 2017, Elaine Ellard wrote

    A great man who has left the world the most wonderful legacy.

    My condolences to his family.

  • Mfon-obong Ukpabio
    95. At 4:39PM on 23 February 2017, Mfon-obong Ukpabio wrote

    Sir Peter left this world better than he met it.

    My condolences to his family.

  • Felix Abrahams Obi
    96. At 5:24PM on 24 February 2017, Felix Abrahams Obi wrote

    Sir Peter Mansfield, you left a legacy for the whole world; for medicine and for future generations. I felt proud being a student of Nottingham and knowing that you walked through Notts.

    May God grant repose to your soul and comfort your family and friends over the irreparable loss.

  • Steve Vesse
    97. At 5:33PM on 24 February 2017, Steve Vesse wrote

    I was sad to learn of Sir Peter's death and wish to send my condolences to the family especially to Jean. I had the privilege of knowing Sir Peter and Jean through my work in the University's Development Office. Sir Peter always made me welcome in the MR Centre with coffee served in china cups and saucers. He was a true gentleman, unassuming and quiet yet brilliant and communicative. He will be greatly missed.

  • Barry and Stephanie Hill
    98. At 9:06PM on 24 February 2017, Barry and Stephanie Hill wrote

    Steph and I feel privileged to have known and worked with Peter and remember him as a witty commentator on the life and times of the dept. We spent many hours flying around Nottingham in Romeo Charlie our favourite aircraft, roles reversed - Peter the student and I the pilot. Thanks to Peter and his MRI my granddaughter had a brain scan to diagnose her meningitis, from which she recovered well. Thank you Peter. Our sincere condolences to his family. He will be greatly missed but his legacy will live on.

  • Gary Green
    99. At 9:37PM on 24 February 2017, Gary Green wrote

    My sincere condolences to Sir Peter's family. I was fortunate enough to have been taught and inspired by Peter when I was an undergraduate at Nottingham and will always remember him with admiration.

  • Ali Al-Radaideh
    100. At 10:16AM on 25 February 2017, wrote

    Sir Peter Mansfield’s inventions made a significant revolution in patient care using his MRI. The positive influence of MRI on almost all types of diseases greatly improved the accuracy of their diagnosis, which would have not been possible without the MRI technique. This makes me very proud that I have graduated from the University of Nottingham (Sir Peter Mansfield MR Centre 2010)

    My condolences to his family, friends, colleagues and the whole world.

  • Diane Rogers
    101. At 2:05PM on 25 February 2017, Diane Rogers wrote

    My condolences to Peter's widow and family. I met him as Diane Edwards, a physics undergraduate from 1970 to 1973 and he was my tutor for some of that time. I remember a kind, encouraging and enthusiastic mentor and I have followed his progress with great pride that I once knew him. A modest genius.

  • David Harwood
    102. At 8:00PM on 25 February 2017, David Harwood wrote

    A great man whose life has benefited the whole of humanity

    My condolences to all his family.

  • Atara Ntekim
    103. At 6:26PM on 26 February 2017, Atara Ntekim wrote

    A genius is gone. The medical community is for ever blessed through your inventions. My condolences to the family. Rest in peace

  • Richard Bell
    104. At 3:57PM on 27 February 2017, wrote

    Sir Peter Mansfield was truly inspirational. His research helped countless people across the world. Although few can match his influence he is a timely reminder to all academics of the fruit which can result from research carried out in Universities. My thoughts and prayers are with Lady Mansfield and her family at this time of their loss.

  • Ms Faiza Abdur Rab
    105. At 6:49PM on 27 February 2017, Ms Faiza Abdur Rab wrote

    I am Extremely Sad to Know about the Death of Sir Peter Mansfield, May Allah Rest His Soul in Peace in Heaven and Give His Family the Courage to bear the Grief Specially his Daughter Ameen Ameen Ameen. He was Awarded Nobel Prize in the same year when I started research studies at University of Nottingham United Kingdom, he has been a great inspiration for me but I never saw him.He is Glory of Our Science History particularly the History of University of Nottingham, I wish I could follow his footsteps by doing ONLY ORIGINAL WORK, that can explore New Horizon in our Area of Expertise, until now this dream seems to remain a dream but I would not give up trying being positive while keeping the HOPE till the VERY LAST BREATH

  • Devasuda Anblagan and Peter Roberts
    106. At 9:59PM on 27 February 2017, Devasuda Anblagan and Peter Roberts wrote

    Sir Peter was an inspirational man whose contribution to medical research will never be forgotten. It was a privilege for both of us to work at the centre bearing his name - he had a huge effect on our lives, as it was at this centre that we met in 2009.

    He was always interested to know about us and about our work and our lives, and it was an honour to share a table with Sir Peter and Lady Jean at the ISMRM British Chapter dinner at the Nottingham Council House.

    Our sincere condolences to his family, friends, and colleagues.

  • Pauline Taylor
    107. At 2:57PM on 28 February 2017, Pauline Taylor wrote

    My deepest sympathy to Sir Peter's family. He was a great and very modest man who really changed the world.

  • Karin Shmueli
    108. At 4:37PM on 28 February 2017, Karin Shmueli wrote

    My PhD supervisor was one of Sir Peter Mansfield's PhD students so I feel my career in MRI has been shaped by Sir Peter even though I never had the privilege of meeting him.

    Sincere condolences to his family and colleagues.

  • Adrian Stevenson
    109. At 8:17AM on 01 March 2017, Adrian Stevenson wrote

    I only had a brief time to meet and chat with Peter and Jean, both have left a lasting memory with me. I would like to past on my deepest sympathy to all the Mansfield family. Rest in peace Peter.

  • Sarah Keep
    110. At 12:09PM on 01 March 2017, Sarah Keep wrote

    I am so sorry to all those affected by the loss of Sir Peter Mansfield.

    I hope the family feel immensely proud of the incredible impact that Sir Peter had on medical science and know that we are all so very thankful for his contributions.

    His legacy will live on at the University.

    My best wishes to all.

  • Jill Kennedy
    111. At 10:19PM on 01 March 2017, Jill Kennedy wrote

    RIP Sir Peter Mansfield. Thank you for the MRI that saved my life. Proud to be able to claim a small link with you, as a student at Nottingham University 1980-1983

  • shagufta zahid
    112. At 3:50AM on 02 March 2017, shagufta zahid wrote

    when my daughter undergo MRI in oxford hospital UK then i thank for this great invention.Thankyou Dr Peter Mansfield.

    I would like to past on my deepest sympathy to all the Mansfield family. Rest in peace Sir Peter.

  • faisal najeeb
    113. At 4:17AM on 02 March 2017, faisal najeeb wrote

    great loss for MRi community

  • Liam Rhodes
    114. At 12:46PM on 02 March 2017, Liam Rhodes wrote

    A tragic loss for Sir Peter's family and friends. His was clearly a life of purpose and he greatly changed the world through his pioneering work, saving million of lives.

    My deepest sympathies to the family.

    115. At 3:53PM on 25 March 2017, DEVARAJ MATHAN wrote

    We lost legend of radiology

  • Ezinne Adiele
    116. At 6:53PM on 27 April 2017, Ezinne Adiele wrote

    Thank you Sir Peter for your awesome creation,MRI which has saved millions of lives. You will always be remembered! My sincere condolences to his beloved family & friends.

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