School of Pharmacy

How to apply for a pharmacy PhD


Studentship applications

  • Look at the projects available on our website. These are for UK (Home) applicants.
  • Follow the application process on MyNottingham detailed below

Finalising your application

  1. Applications are done via MyNottingham
  2. Click on 'apply for a course'
  3. Create an account
  4. Under apply, click on 'make an application'
  5. Select 'new application'
  6. Choose 'United Kingdom campus'
  7. The course level is postgraduate research
  8. Choose the academic year that applies to your start date
  9. Search for pharmacy
  10. Choose 'PhD School of Pharmacy' then either 36 months or 48 months depending on the length of the project
  11. Pick your start date
  12. Confirm selection
  13. You then need to complete the sections under form status. For guidance on research details, see below
  14. Click 'submit application'
  15. You can track your application in MyNottingham

Research details

  • The research topic can be the project title from the advert
  • For project description, use the advert text. You may want to add a line to say which supervisor this is working with

Self-funded applications

  • Look at the projects available on our website. These are open to UK, EU or international students who have their own funding
  • Alternatively, if you have your own project, find a supervisor that matches your research interests and contact them about your proposal
  • Apply via MyNottingham
  • The application process is the same as above. The difference is in the research details section, you may need to supply a research proposal. We recommend you discuss this with your supervisor before applying 

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