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Cameron ALEXANDER Polymer pro-drugs; RNA therapeutics; Nucleic acid vaccine formulations; Bio-responsive materials
Morgan ALEXANDER Biomaterials; Medical devices; Surface analysis
Claire ANDERSON Qualitative, mixed methods, health services research, education, workforce, pharmacy services
Naoko ARAKAWA Education and workforce development; Health system and policy; Public and global health; International pharmacy practice
Cynthia BOSQUILLON Drug delivery to the lungs
Matt BOYD Safety, Medicines Safety, Patient safety, pharmacy, community pharmacy, primary care, pharmacy education
Tracey BRADSHAW Cancer pharmacology; Cell biology; Drug discovery; Natural products
Jonathan BURLEY Raman spectroscopy; solids; formulation; pharmaceutical; XRPD; pre-formulation; high-throughput; high throughput
Weng CHAN Antibiotic discovery; Medicinal chemistry; Peptide chemistry; Macrocyclic peptides; Bioorganic chemistry; Antimicrobials; Bacterial virulence
Felicity DE COGAN Ocular drug delivery, skin drug delivery, microbiology, antimicrobial materials, novel therapeutics
Cornelia DE MOOR RNA biology, gene expression, RNA processing, translation, RNA stability, mRNA, polyadenylation, deadenylation, natural compounds, cordycepin, drug target identification, cancer, inflammation, pain, arthritis
James DIXON Gene delivery, gene editing, regenerative medicine, vaccines, mRNA, DNA, nanoformulation, trauma, orthopaedics, wound healing
Ingrid DREVENY Proteases in the ubiquitin system; Protein structure; X-ray crystallography, Structure-aided drug design; Protein engineering
Pavel GERSHKOVICH Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, Biodistribution, Intestinal absorption, Lymphatic transport, Targeted drug disposition, Lymphatic targeting, Lymph nodes, Cancer, Immunotherapy, Immuno-oncology, Autoimmune diseases, HIV, AIDS, Antiretroviral therapy, Antiretroviral drugs, Lipophilic drugs, Cannabinoids, Cannabidiol, Prodrugs, Co-drugs, Lipid-based drug delivery, Lipidic formulations
Rian GRIFFITHS Mass spectrometry, Surface-sampling, Imaging (MSI), Biomolecules, Proteins, Lipids, Metabolites, Drug imaging, Biomedical Applications, Analytical workflows
David HEERY Gene regulation, transcription factors, nuclear receptors, epigenetic regulators, histone acetylation, CRISPR CAS9, protein interactions, cancer, leukemia, genetic syndromes, KAT6A/B, PIP5K1A, prostate cancer
Andrew HOOK Biomedical, analytical chemistry, pharmaceutical, materials science, computational chemistry
Naoto HORI Biophysics of nucleic acids, coarse-grained and atomistic molecular simulations, RNA structures and folding, nucleic acids condensates, RNA-protein complexes, enhanced sampling simulations
Catherine JOPLING RNA biology; microRNA biogenesis and function; Long noncoding RNA; RNA therapeutics; Molecular biology; Viruses; CRISPR/Cas9
Laura KILPATRICK Molecular pharmacology; Receptor tyrosine kinases; G protein coupled receptors; Resonance energy transfer (RET); Fluorescent ligands; CRISPR/Cas9
Dong-Hyun KIM Metabolomics, metabolite profiling, metabolic pathway profiling, targeted quantitative analysis, biological mass spectrometry, LC-MS, clinical/biological applications of LC-MS
Roger KNAGGS Pain management; Analgesic drugs; Evidence-based medicine and practice; Pharmacoepidemiology; Medicines safety
Charles LAUGHTON Structure-based drug design; Biomolecular simulation
Shailesh MISTRY G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs); Medicinal Chemistry; Chemical Biology; Drug Discovery; Ligand design; Structure-Activity Relationships (SAR); Synthetic Organic Chemistry
Anna PICCININI inflammation, macrophage, macrophage fusion, signalling, microRNA, extracellular matrix, extracellular vesiscles, gene regulation, gene editing, siRNA, CRISPR
Frankie RAWSON Bioelectronics, Bioelectronic Medicine, Electroceuticals, Electrochemistry, Bioelectricity, Analytical Chemistry, Surface Analysis, Biosensors, Sensors, Cancer Electrical Signalling, Bio-nanotechnology, Quantum Therapeutics
Felicity ROSE Tissue engineering; biomaterials; regenerative medicine; bioprinting; stem cells
Snow STOLNIK-TRENKIC Drug delivery, nanomedicines, nanoparticles, liposomes, formulations for delivery of biological drugs
Li Shean TOH Medicines management; Medicines optimisation; Osteoporosis; Astropharmacy; Space medicine; Pharmacological Countermeasures; Health literacy; Intercultural competency; Interprofessional collaboration; Healthcare systems; Pharmacist; Pharmacists role; International; Qualitative research; Quantitative research; Policy; Patient experiences; Pharmacy practice
Lisa WHITE Biomaterials, materials characterisation, extracelluar matrix, hydrogels, microparticles, controlled release, encapsulation, cell therapies
Sebastiaan WINKLER Dysregulation of gene expression in cancer (RNA biology; lymphoma and leukaemia; protein structure; biochemistry); stability of messenger RNA (mRNA); non-canonical drug targets (enzyme inhibition; molecular pharmacology; assay development); infection by Helicobacter pylori (microbiology; adhesion; stomach cancer)
Jing YANG Biomaterials, 3D printing, bioprinting, Tissue Engineering, Regenerative Medicine, immunoengineering, immunotherapy
Mischa ZELZER Biointerfaces; Surface modification; Surface analysis; NCA polymerisation; Polymerisation kinetics and prediction; Supramolecular materials; Hydrogels; Enzyme responsive materials; Light responsive materials; Cell-material interactions; XPS; ToF-SIMS
Zheying ZHU Pre-clinical drug development; In vitro, ex vivo and in vivo models for drug evaluation; Gene therapy and delivery systems; Alzheimer's disease; GI infectious diseases; Cancers; Cardio regeneration


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