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Fitness to Practise

Our MPharm programmes are accredited by the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) as professional programmes. This means that the School has Fitness to Practise procedures for MPharm students and you will be given more information about these when you join the course. 

If you do not abide by the GPhC's Standards for Pharmacy Professionals, or if we have concerns about your health or behaviour, you may be subject to Fitness to Practise procedures.

Other courses which host practice placements are also subject to the universities Fitness to Practice procedures. This is to ensure anyone attending a placement is safe and acts responisibly when off-campus. 

Code of Conduct

Pharmacy is one of the registered healthcare professions and carries both privileges and responsibilities. Students are expected to conduct themselves professionally at all times. The Standards for Pharmacy Professionals apply to all Pharmacy students from the first day of the course to the day of graduation, and applies both on and off campus.

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Health Questionnaire and Character Checks

Whilst studying on an MPharm course you will come into close contact with potentially vulnerable people or at least learn about their personal circumstances, so the University have to ensure that their students have a proven record of good conduct and character before undertaking these types of activities.

There will be a link to a Health Questionnaire sent to you from the Occupational Health Team before the start of term.  You do not need to do anything else regarding health checks before this time.

UK-based students will be also asked to complete a Disclosure and Barring Service online application form before the start of term.

Non-UK based students will be required to provide us with a Certificate of Good Conduct and Character before the start of term.  It will need to be requested from a formal authority in your home country, like the Police or the Foreign Affairs Department, or equivalent.  It should include any information on any criminal convictions that you have, or simply confirm that you don’t have any. When you have this form you will need to bring it to the University Park East Service Centre.

We encourage students to discuss any problems or concerns with us as soon as possible, so that we can support and advise you appropriately.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the above, then please contact

General Pharmaceutical Council

The Standards for Pharmacy Professionals and the requirement for Fitness to Practise procedures are issued by the General Pharmacetical Council (GPhC).  However, you should note that the GPhC is not an adjudicator or appeal body, and is not be able to offer prospective registration advice.

The Council is the final arbiter in relation to an individual's eligibility to:

  • enter pharmacist pre-registration training; and
  • register as a pharmacist

The Council reserves the right to set aside a School's fitness to practise decision, if there are grounds for doing so, when making either of these decisions.

The GPhC has its own requirements for registration as a pharmacist, including making its own health and good character checks.  It also has its own fitness to practise procedures for registered pharmacists.  Applicants can appeal against a registration refusal by the GPhC.  Appeals are made to the Appeals Committee.

More information is available from the General Pharmaceutical Council.

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