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Hands-on experience is invaluable, not only does it allow you to put theory into practice and bring practical insights into your coursework, but it also strengthens the skills you’ll need once you start working in pharmacy.

Placements occur throughout the MPharm course and are a fundamental element of the Professional Competencies module. They provide experience of community and hospital pharmacy and also include ‘insight’ visits that provide a variety of inter-professional learning (IPL) opportunities. Students on the five-year MPharm course will also complete the pre-registration placement during years four and five of the course.

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Lauren Naylor-Morrell
Placements and Pre-registration Manager
Tel: +44 (0) 115 846 6949

Community Pharmacy

We work with over 90 different community pharmacies who range from independent business owners to small chains to large multinational companies. 

You will have the opportunity to experience the different roles associated with community pharmacy and interact with patients, carers and customers.

Hospital Pharmacy

Hospital placements are delivered at several different hospital locations and will give you an opportunity to experience hands-on pharmacy in a variety of different clinical environments. 

Placements build throughout the course, beginning with an introduction to the NHS and fundamental policies, such as infection control, to taking drug histories and developing patient care plans.


Insight placements/Interprofessional Learning Placements (IPL)

Insight placements provide students with a broad appreciation of other healthcare professions and roles within the NHS. Placements may be in an unusual pharmacy role or a healthcare setting which is not directly linked to pharmacy. 

IPL placements are based with students from other disciplines, for example nursing or medicine, and allow students to learn together in a clinical environment.

Other placements

We can also help you find:

  • vacation and summer work placements
  • placements abroad
  • pre-registration training
  • specialist work experience


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