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Cosmology as a Fundamental Physics Lab

Workshop at the University of Nottingham Ningbo Campus, 3-4 September 2015

The workshop will focus on recent advances on Cosmology and the opportunities they provide for studying or constraining fundamental High-Energy Physics. Examples include interactions between photons and other particles beyond the Standard Model, observable signals of Cosmic Inflation and Topological Defects, Axions, Dark Matter, and Dark Energy/Modified Gravity. The idea for organising this meeting grew out of informal discussions we have had with colleagues from Hunan Normal University and Beijing Normal University on the use of a variety of cosmological and astrophysical datasets to constrain cosmic opacity down to intermediate redshifts, and the implications of these constraints for fundamental interactions between photons and other particles beyond the standard model.

The aim of the workshop is to expand these discussions to cover a broader range of topics on modern cosmology and its interplay with fundamental theory, opening up to a broader community of colleagues working in China, and allowing new research directions to be identified in a constructive and informal atmosphere. We hope that this workshop will provide a forum for fruitful scientific interaction and will result in new collaborations on this exciting field of research. 

Each of the two days of the meeting will start with a review talk, followed by discussion sessions and a number of shorter talks presenting participants' work. The style will be kept informal to encourage interactions. A few smaller meeting rooms will be available for group discussions and collaborative meetings.    


Tasos Avgoustidis, Xingang Chen, Zhengxiang Li and Chengbo Wang 

Many thanks to Rebecca Jin, Jane Wang and Clark Guo for local support. 


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