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Laura (she/her) Bortolotti

Teaching Associate, Faculty of Science



My academic path started at the University of Bologna (Unibo) where I did my bachelor and master's degrees in Physics and Applied Physics, respectively. I specialized in Physics Applied to Medicine during my master thesis' project at Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre (SPMIC), sponsored by the School of Science (Unibo) and the Erasmus+ program. Successfully application to "Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship for Research Excellence" by the University of Nottingham led me lately to a PhD at SPMIC under the guidance of Prof. Richard Bowtell and Prof. Penny Gowland. After one year as post-doctoral researcher at the SPMIC, I am now Teaching Associate for the School of Physics and I am involved in teaching for the curriculum of Medical Physics. My preferred pronouns are: she/her.

Expertise Summary

My research interest is Motion Correction techniques for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). My PhD project focused on the development a new contact-less Motion Tracking technique for brain imaging in a 7 Tesla MRI scanner. It allowed me to apply both my programming and laboratory skills and to work in a research team. I used various Data Analysis and Machine Learning techniques to solve the problem. My current research aims to develop a Motion Correction technique at 0.5 Tesla upright MRI scanner.

ISMRM & SMRT - Member Spotlight 2022 ISMRM - Motion detection and correction study group - Trainee rep 2023/2024

ISMRM - "Repeat It With Me: Reproducibility Team Challenge" - Committee Chair 2022/2023 - 2023/2024

Teaching Summary

Teaching associate for the School of Physics since 2023.

Main focus on Medical Physics.

Recent Publications

  • LAURA BORTOLOTTI, OLIVER MOUGIN, PAUL GLOVER, RICHARD BOWTELL and PENNY GOWLAND, 2023. Optical camera calibration to implement various marker-based motion correction techniques in open geometry 0.5 T upright scanner: #1828 In: ISMRM Annual Meeting (Toronto).
  • LAURA BORTOLOTTI, ISABEL CLENNEL, AMY BRADBURY, OLIVER MOUGIN, PAUL GLOVER, RICHARD BOWTELL and PENNY GOWLAND, 2023. Evaluation of body motion at various patient position in a 0.5 T Upright scanner: #1837 In: ISMRM Annual Meeting (Toronto).
  • LAURA BORTOLOTTI, ISABEL CLENNEL, BARNABY CHAPMAN and PENNY GOWLAND, 2023. RespGating: Code to identify exhale in motion tracking data. Available at: <>
  • LAURA BORTOLOTTI, PENNY GOWLAND and RICHARD BOWTELL, 2022. Monitoring head motion in a 7T MRI scanner using an NMR field camera

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