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The School of Physics & Astronomy holds an annual Postgraduate Poster Competition, which is open to all postgraduate students in the School.  

Posters are of the type displayed at academic conferences, but aimed at the level of a final-year undergraduate rather than a specialist in a particular field. The winning posters are framed and displayed in the Physics Building.


Winner: Benjamin Muntz2024 Winner Benjamin Muntz

2nd Place: Mustaqeem Shiffa2024 2nd Mustaqeem Shiffa

3rd Place: Holly Schofield

No photo available



Winner: Kieran Wood2023 Winner Kieran Wood

2nd Place: Natalie Rhodes2023 2nd Nataliie Rhodes

3rd Place: Nathaniel Roberts2023 3rd Nathaniel Roberts



Winner: Sergio Sevillano2022 winner Sergio Sevillano

2nd Place: Lizzie Taylor2022 2nd place Lizzie Taylor

3rd Place: Lucy Edwards2022 3rd place Lucy Edwards


2021 (held remotely)

Winner: Roan Haggar
2nd Place: Molly Rea
3rd Place: Oliver Amin


Winner: Alexander Daniel2020 1st Alexander Daniel

2nd Place: Oliver Gordon2020 2nd Oliver Gordon

3rd Place: Amy Whitney2020 3rd Amy Whitney



Winner: Laura Bortolotti2019 Winner Laura Bortolotti resized

2nd Place: Johannes Dombrowski2019 2nd Johannes Dombrowski

3rd Place: Lizzie Elmer2019 3rd Lizzie Elmer



Winner: Radu Boitor2018 Winner Radu Boitor

2nd Place: Sonka Reimers2018 2nd Sonka Reimers

3rd Place: Tom Peterken2018 3rd Tom Peterken



Winner: Christopher Mirfin
2017 Winner Christopher Mirfin

2nd Place: Mahabub Alam Bhuiyan
2017 2nd Mahabub Alam Bhuiyan
3rd Place: Ryan Jones
2017 3rd Ryan Jones


Winner: Elena Boto
 2nd PlaceMiguel Socolovksy
3rd Place: Jorge Ferreras


Winner: Ksitija Kelkar
2015 Winner Ksitija Kelkar
2nd Place: George O'Neill
2015 2nd George O Neill
3rd Place: Ciaran O'Hare
2015 3rd Ciaran O Hare


Winner: Lyndsey Old
2014 Winner Lyndsey Old
2nd Place: David Stefanysyzn
2014 2nd David Stefanyszyn
3rd Place: Andrew Gibson
2014 3rd Andrew Gibson


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