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Seminars are an important feature of our group's research programme as they reflect academic interests within the group.

In addition, we have a biweekly group meeting where the members discuss their current work on both experimental and theoretical physics. 

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Quantum Matter: Foundations and Applications Summer School 2013

The Summer School on "Quantum Matter: Foundations and Applications" took place in Granada, Spain from 15-19th September 2013.

It featured tutorial style lectures introducing themes of broad interest in the areas of cold atoms and molecules, quantum optics and condensed matter physics, quantum information and quantum interference and precision measurements providing a basis for new members of the community and deepening the knowledge of more experienced ones. In addition, there were shorter seminar style talks and a dedicated poster session for participants to present and discuss their research.


  • Charles Adams (Durham University)
  • Kai Bongs (University of Birmingham)
  • Philippe Bouyer (University of Bordeaux)
  • Sebastian Diehl (University of Innsbruck)
  • Selim Jochim (University of Heidelberg)
  • Anna Sanpera (University of Barcelona)
  • Klaus Sengstock (University of Hamburg)


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