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Careers with medical physics

A patient waiting to be scanned by the 3T Wide Bore scanner

There are many varied and exciting career paths you can take with a background in medical physics. These span from research and development of new technologies in academia and industry, to supporting end-users of the technology from within industry or the health sector, to interacting with patients during their diagnosis or treatment planning pathway. 

An area many of our medical physics graduates choose to enter is the use of medical physics and associated disciplines in the NHS. These videos give you an idea of the breadth of career options within the NHS from a medical physics (or straight physics) background. They also demonstrate the wide variety of pathways into this career. These alumni are all at different stages of their careers and have chosen a variety of specialities. 

This video gives an overview of different medical physics career options from a number of University of Nottingham alumni. 

These videos provide a more tailored view of the individual people’s paths into their careers in medical physics and what they are doing now. 

Careers with medical physics: case studies


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