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CRISPI and CARR hosting new speakers series: 'The Future of Ideologies', Spring 2022

We are delighted to announce that one of our newest Research Centres, CRISPI, will be hosting a new speakers series with CARR entitled 'The Future of Ideologies'. These events will be held on a roughly fortnightly basis, held online on Wednesdays from 5-6.30pm.

You can read the full schedule  below. 

Registration Forms are in the process of being set up, with the first Registration Form for Michael Freeden's talk 'Ideology: Picking Up the Pieces' on 9th Febuary 2022, available here.


9 Feb - Michael Freeden (Oxford), “Ideology: Picking up the Pieces?”

23 Feb - John Schwarzmantel (Leeds), “Political Ideology Today”

9 March - Catherine Fieschi (Counterpoint), “Populism and the Future of Ideology Studies”

23 March - Robert Samuels (UC Santa Barbara), “Donald Trump and The Psychopathology of the Libertarian Right”

6 April - Maiken Umbach, Annemarie Walter and Hugo Drochon (Nottingham), “Learning from History? Tackling the Challenge of Antisemitism through mutli-disciplinary research design”

27 April - Ruth Wodak (Lancaster), “Antisemitism and the pandemic”

4 May - Peter Staudenmaier (Marquette), “Ecology Contested: Environmental Politics between Left and Right”

18 May - Marius Ostrowski (EUI), “Book Launch: Ideology (Polity 2022)”

1 June - Mathew Humphrey (Nottingham): “Riders’ Rights: a Grassroots View of Freedom and Political Mobilisation”

15 June - Marc Stears (UCL), “Out of the Ordinary: How Everyday Life Inspired a Nation and How It Can Again”


You can also read each event on the CRISPI event listing page, where you can check back in advance of each event for a registration link.

Posted on Wednesday 2nd February 2022

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