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Viva Success for Postgraduate Student Manuel Hernandez Gonzalez

Congratulations to School of Politics and International Relations' doctoral researcher Manuel Hernández-González on passing his PhD viva with minor corrections.

His thesis 'The Quality of Democracy Revisited: Exploring the Effects of Government Alternation and Presidential Power in Latin America' looks at Government Alternation in the ministerial cabinet and formal Presidential Power as causes of democratic quality measured as three of its dimensions: vertical accountability, party competition and responsiveness. It also contributes to expanding the theories that link the causes and the dimensions. And it offers a new dataset of ministerial changes and alternation scores for 12 Latin American countries.

Manuel's thesis was examined by Dr Simon Toubeau and Professor Richard Katz (John Hopkins University). His PhD was supervised by Dr Fernando Casal Bertoa and Professor Cees van der Eijk.

Congratulations Manuel!

Posted on Tuesday 21st May 2024

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