Public Procurement Research Group

Become a Visiting Scholar

The Group is sometimes able to accept as Visiting Scholars academics (professors, lecturers etc) from other universities who wish to use the facilities of the University of Nottingham to research aspects of public procurement. 

The University has an extensive library collection on this subject (although it should be noted that it is mainly confined to works in the English language).


Visiting Scholars will have access to library facilities and will normally also have an individual work station in the School of Law building. 

They will not, however, have access to electronic materials, as University copyright regulations do not permit us granting access to electronic databases to visitors. 

PhD student visitors

Unfortunately, we can no longer generally accept PhD students from other universities onto the Visiting Scholar scheme.

This is now for academic staff only and for visitors accepted under specific formal programmes (such as Asia Link).

How to apply

Anyone wishing to work as a Visiting Scholar in the School of Law should send a short letter or email to:

Professor Annamaria La Chimia
School of Law 
University of Nottingham
University Park, Nottingham


What to include

Explain briefly the work that you wish you to do in Nottingham and how the trip is to be financed (including any amounts needed from the Group). 

You should also attach a short CV (max. two pages), including:

  • details of your career history
  • education (which must include grades received for any academic study at post-High School level)
  • knowledge and experience in public procurement
  • any publications
  • two supporting references


Public Procurement Research Group

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