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The research that takes place at Summer Scientist Week can tell us fascinating new things about how children's minds, brains and behaviour change as they get older.

Each year there is a theme to highlight one of our research areas. recent themes have included learning and doing maths, led by Dr. Lucy Cragg, social development (Dr. Danielle Ropar) and who children believe and why (Dr. Shiri Einav).

We provide an information leaflet on the topic for parents and a related activity booklet for children to complete at home.

You can find out about the results of some of our previous studies by following the links on the right. Updates on our findings from this year's event will be available on our Facebook page.


Brain Challenge

Lots of the children who came to Summer Scientist Week over the last few years completed our brain challenge. We asked the children to complete a short quiz, then they completed a worksheet which helped them to find out lots of interesting facts about the brain. Everyone seemed surprised about which fruit weighs the same as the brain! Finally, we asked the children to do the quiz again.

Overall everyone did much better on the quiz the second time round, which we hope means that the children learned some of our fun facts.

If you want to try the quiz, you can find it online.


Further information

If you have any questions or would like more information about any of our research, please get in touch with the Summer Scientist Week team.

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