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About Summer Scientist Week

Typically, families are invited to spend half a day at the University to play lots of fun games that will help us with our research. By taking part, children (and parents) get to learn about how the mind and brain work by experiencing real science first-hand.

There are lots of other activities such as face painting and colouring competitions to keep children entertained too.

The activities take place in the Engineering Science Learning Centre on University Park Campus and run from 9am to 12pm and 1pm to 4pm each day.


Our Summer Scientist Weeks have taken place for a number of years, and they are a great success. Each year there is a new theme, and children (and parents) can get involved in hands-on science experiments and activities, social development and learning and doing maths.

Children complete a ‘log book’ to record the games they have taken part in and parents can follow up on our findings after the event by via our newsletter and Facebook page.

This year, due to the increasing number of Coronavirus cases, we are one again changing our usual ways and hosting a Summer Scientist Online event. To join Summer Scientist Online, please register now at – registration will remain open throughout August. As usual, we will ask you to complete some details and questionnaires about your child before they can access the games. The registration process will take around 10-15 minutes per child, but log-in details will be provided so you don’t have to do it all in one go.

Once you have registered your child, they will be able to access their personalised games page through the same link from 2nd August. There will of course be tokens, a leaderboard and other fun science-based activities on the website for your child to enjoy!

We hope you and your child(ren) have lots of fun at Summer Scientist Online!

See our image gallery for a taste of the activities included

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