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Please see below a variety of projects carried out by some of our postgraduate students.  Please click on each one to find out more.


Alexander Hardy

Neurophysiological and behavioural measures of hearing loss–related plasticity in the human central auditory system

Area: Auditory neuroscience



Barbara Morera Maiquez

Neural circuits involved in the suppression of tics in Tourette syndrome

Area: cognitive neuroscience



Benjamin Gurer

Measuring tonotopic magnification in the human auditory cortex.

Area: Auditory neuroscience



Chloe Robbins

Understanding the ‘Look but fail to see’ error.

Area: Traffic and Transport Psychology 



Eleonore Batteux

Cognitive processes underlying surrogate decision making



Layla Akacem

Emotion and Unintentional Memory Retrieval

Area: Cognitive neuroscience



Miriam Gwilt

Keeping the balance – importance of balanced hippocampo-prefrontal neural activity for attention and memory

Area: Behavioural Neuroscience



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