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International Student Exchange Opportunities

One of the great things about studying at The University of Nottingham is the opportunity to spend time abroad. We have two major schemes for you to take part in, both of which are fantastic opportunities to broaden your horizons, to gain new skills, to experience different cultures, and to develop as a person.

Malaysia exchange at UNMC

In your second year, you can elect to spend one semester or one year at our campus in Malaysia (UNMC). During this time, you will do the same modules as you would in the UK. The British Psychological Society has recently accredited the Psychology programme at UNMC (the first ever accreditation outside the UK!) and therefore all the modules you take in Malaysia will be fully recognized by the Society. If you opt for the Malaysia exchange, your degree classification will not change.

U21 Study Abroad Year

You also have the opportunity to go abroad on the campus-wide U21 exchange programme. This is a competitive programme that allows you do spend one year abroad at one of our prestigious U21 partner universities in Asia, Australia, Europe, or the Americas. If you opt for the campus-wide exchange programme, you will spend your third year abroad and you will do your final year after your return to the UK. Your degree will be converted to a 4-year programme explicitly acknowledging your international study.

What do our students say?

To hear about the experience of one of our study abroad students please read the following testimonial.

If you have any questions about these programmes, feel free to contact our Study Abroad Coordinator, Dr. Jan Derrfuss.

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