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Admissions procedures

This page sets out the different admission procedures for all taught and research degrees. Its content is primarily aimed at prospective students based within the UK but may also be of interest to staff across all of the University's campuses.

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Taught courses

Includes: University admissions policy; factors in the selection process; key information

All schools will admit students in line with the University’s admissions policy. Entry criteria are set by individual schools and should be transparent and justifiable.

Consideration will be given as to whether applicants will be able to fulfil the objectives of the programme of study and achieve the standards required.

A range of factors additional to (and in some cases instead of) formal examination results is considered as part of the selection process. These factors can include:

  • The personal statement and reference
  • Additional evidence of achievement, motivation and potential as gathered through interview, additional tests (for example, the Law National Aptitude Test (LNAT) or the Graduate Australian Medical School Admissions Test (GAMSAT)) or assessment of written materials
  • Other factors as appropriate to the discipline, such as employment or volunteer work in relevant fields and sustained critical engagement with relevant issues
  • Contextual factors such as socio-economic and educational background

Since entry is competitive, achieving examination grades equivalent to or above the standard offer for a course does not automatically entitle a candidate to an offer.

Applications will not be considered from candidates who have previously registered for and been unsuccessful on the same course at the University of Nottingham for which the application is being made. 


Application requirements   Flag of United Kingdom   Flag of China   Flag of Malaysia

Includes: Undergraduate; Postgraduate; handling and assessment

Undergraduate   Flag of United Kingdom   Flag of China   Flag of Malaysia

  • For UK undergraduate entry, the requirements of the UCAS scheme will be observed;
  • For undergraduate entry to University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC), application is by way of the Gao Koa for Chinese nationals and by direct application for non-Chinese nationals;
  • For undergraduate entry to University of Nottingham Malaysia (UNM), application is by way of direct application for all students


  • For taught postgraduates, all applications are made directly to the appropriate campus

Handling and assessment

Procedures for handling applications may vary from subject to subject. Most offers are based purely on the information provided on the appropriate application form or at interview, and may be conditional on obtaining a certain standard in specified subjects in examinations.

In addition, schools may, at their discretion, ask applicants to attend for interviews, undertake supplementary assessments or provide examples of work. In such cases, the school should clearly explain how and why this will be used in assessing the candidate and treat all candidates on an equal and fair basis.

For more information about taught course application criteria, please consult the following:

Criteria for assessing applicants


Research degrees

Includes: opportunities to meet potential supervisors; School responsibilities

Where practical, applicants should be offered the opportunity to meet potential supervisors to discuss research plans of mutual interest. Interviews may also be used in selection procedures.

A School must ensure that appropriate supervision and facilities will be available to support the proposed research project.

Prior to admission, all applicants should be provided with relevant information by the admitting School on research opportunities and facilities in their areas of interest and expertise – including information on start dates and training, together with all other relevant information.



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