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Policy to instigate an investigation by an independent person following a complaint to the Students' Union

This page contains the University's policy on complaints made by independent persons following a previous complaint to the Students' Union. This information is relevant to staff and students who are based at the UK campus but may also be of interest to those at the international campuses as well.

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Any student or students who are dissatisfied in their dealings with the Students' Union, or claim to be disadvantaged by reason of their having exercised the right to withdraw from membership, shall be entitled to have their complaint considered in accordance with the Students' Union's complaints procedure which is available to all students who are eligible to be members.

This procedure includes the right of appeal to a person independent of the Students' Union (appointed on behalf of University Council) at the point at which the Student has completed all of the stages of the Students’ Union Complaints Procedure.

For more information about Students' Union Policy and Procedures, please consult the following:

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Appeal procedure

Includes: role of the Registrar; role of an independent person; communication of outcome

  • An appeal against an outcome of the Student's Union (SU) complaints procedure should be made to the Registrar. The appellant should provide a statement which concisely summarises the argument which is being made, referencing key evidence.
  • The Registrar’s Department will seek evidence that the Students' Union Complaints Procedure has been exhausted.
  • The Registrar will make a judgement on the eligibility of the appeal based on the two points above.
  • If eligibility has been established, the Registrar will arrange for an Independent Person to be appointed on behalf of Council and will notify the appellant that this is the case or that conditions 1 and 2 have not been met.
  • The Independent Person will have the discretion to seek more material or speak with any of the parties involved if they deem that necessary in order to reach an appeal outcome.
  • The Registrar will communicate an appeal outcome through the Office of the Registrar of the University of Nottingham. The University endeavours to ensure that an eligible appellant will receive an outcome within 30 days of receiving confirmation that the Independent Person has been appointed.

For more information about the Registrar's department, please consult the following:

Registrar's Department



Includes: end of procedure; completion of procedures letter; options for further pursuit

There is no further right of appeal within the University. At the end of the procedure a Completion of Procedures letter may be provided by the Registrar of the University.

If the complainant remains dissatisfied they may chose to pursue their complaint through the Office of the Independent Adjudicator’s (OIA) complaint scheme.

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