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Changes to module specifications

This page provides guidance on making changes to module specifications. Its content is primarily directed at staff but may also be of interest to students across all of the UK, China and Malaysia campuses.

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Changes to module specifications must be submitted to relevant school level scrutiny and approval prior to their submission.

Approval on behalf of Quality and Standards Committee (QSC) is required for changes to module specifications which are contrary to the guidelines for module specifications, or any other University policy or regulation; or to which any students currently enrolled on the module are opposed.

All changes to module specifications must be reported to Student Services Development (Academic Processes) by the deadline which is advertised as part of the University’s annual curriculum updating cycle, and any changes of the type in the paragraph above must be highlighted by the school.

Exceptional changes and notification

Changes to module specifications will not be permitted at any point after the advertised deadline unless there are exceptional and unforeseen circumstances (for example, staff resignation) and with Faculty Associate Pro-Vice Chancellor (APVC) approval. Where this approval has been given, the following applies:

  • Students should be directly informed (either electronically, in writing, or via notice boards) of changes to module specifications which have a direct effect on their studies – that is, will be introduced while the student is enrolled on the module (this includes changes to Spring semester modules on which students are enrolled at the beginning of the year).

Planned changes and notification

Includes: opportunity for student comments; student objections

In regard to any planned changes fitting into the categories below, students enrolled on the module should be given the opportunity to comment on the change and any objections (even if they come only from a small minority of students) should be reported to Quality and Standards Committee (QSC):

  • Changes to the module title
  • Changes to the learning outcomes of the module
  • Changes to the manner in which the module is assessed
  • A change to the assessment regulations which makes it more difficult for a student to pass the module
  • A change of which School administers the module.

The credit amount or level of a module may not be altered for students who are currently enrolled on that module.

Where a change to the title, learning outcomes, assessment, ownership, credit amount or level of a module is decided upon prior to the start of the session in which the amended module will be delivered, but after returning students have selected that module, these students should be directly informed (either electronically, in writing, or by way of notice boards) of the change at the earliest opportunity. Their consent to the change is, however, not required.

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This content was last modified on 17 August 2021

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