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This page contains a record of all changes made to the Quality Manual in 2015. Please be aware that this page is an historical record and thus, may contain information which has been altered or removed.

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Information setting out the evidence to be taken into consideration when recommendations are considered notwithstanding regulations is now available from the section covering the Duties of Members of Quality and Standards Committee.


Following a proposal from Libraries, Research and Learning Resources and the Academic Service Division, the Quality and Standards Committee have approved a change in the University regulations to remove the requirement for hardbound theses to be submitted as the final stage of a research programme of study. The Guidance on Non-Registered StatusesA Mus M (Master of Musical Arts) RegulationsPhD and MPhil RegulationsRegulations for the Degree of Doctor of Musical Arts (AMusD)Regulations for the Degree of Master of ResearchMA and MSc by Research Regulations, and Role and Appointment of Examiners entries have been updated to reflect this.


Minor amendments have been made to the 'Normalisation' section of 'Marking and Grading' to provide greater clarification on the current policy, ahead of the conclusion of the work of the Marks Adjustment Working Group.


Following work of the Academic Progression and Award Working Group, the University has amended some of the Undergraduate academic progression and award regulations, with effect from the 2015/16 academic year for students who are entering Qualifying year or Part I of their programmes from September 2015. 

These changes have been approved by relevant University Committees applying a set of principles relating to academic rigour, consistency and simplicity. 

Students on three year programmes entering Part II and students on four year programmes entering Part II or Part III in the 2015/16 academic year will not be disadvantaged by the changes being implemented.  Parallel calculations will be run using the new standardised weightings (unless a PSRB exemption applies) and borderline algorithms and awards will be made using the better of the two outcomes.

A number of policy areas have been subject to change, as follows:

•    Method by which degrees are classified

•    Standardisation of stage weightings for final degree mark

•    Standardisation of borderline algorithms

•    Changes to the Ordinary degree pathway

•    Progression Criteria for Integrated Masters Programmes

•    Proceeding Carrying Credits

•    Reassessments with or Without Attendance

•    Second reassessment opportunities

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