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Responsibilities of the student

This page sets out the responsibilities of a postgraduate research student, including participation in their studies and completion of training. Its content is relevant to staff and students across all of the UK, China and Malaysia campuses.

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1. Policy

Postgraduate research students should participate fully and to some extent take the initiative in planning and executing their research studies and any necessary training, and will share with their supervisor the responsibilities involved in monitoring progress.


2. Requirements

Research students are expected to adhere to the following requirements:

2.1   Read relevant University and School publications

Students must familiarise themselves with University, Faculty, and School requirements and procedures for research study by reading the School Handbook, the University Guide for Students, and the Guide to Intellectual Property Management and Commercialisation.

Note: PGRs are expected to take responsibility for being informed about changes in working, supervisory, and training and development arrangements in response to Covid-19, by engaging with and reading communications that are sent out by the School, Faculty and central communications (for example, PGR newsletter, regular blogs and messages released by the University, emails and locally provided Sharepoints).


2.2   Follow safety advice

Students must follow safety codes and advice scrupulously and participate in any mandatory Health and Safety training before commencing research activities.

Note: PGRs must follow the University's Health and Safety policies and guidance in relation to Covid-19 and be aware that they may be subject to regular review and update

Note: They must ensure that they have fulfilled all Health and Safety and School processes and requirements for Covid-19-safe working, in conjunction with their supervisory team, and obtained appropriate permissions prior to entering/re-entering buildings and commencing/re-starting on-site research activity.


2.3   Participate in planning and progress

Students are expected to participate in planning, progressing, and completing their studies, including preparing for reviews regarding confirmation of their MPhil or doctoral registration or transfer from MPhil to doctoral. They must participate as required in the process of monitoring their progress.

Note: PGRs are expected to develop and maintain a detailed record of the impacts of Covid-19 on their research progress, and ensure that plans to progress and complete their studies take account of the impact of Covid-19 on research activities, and that these plans include consideration of how any risks to the research due to Covid-19 can be mitigated.


2.4   Communicate with supervisor

Research students must share responsibility with their supervisor for keeping up good communications and arranging meetings with their supervisor, attend the agreed meetings and prepare for them, and take the initiative in raising problems or difficulties.

2.5   Participate in research training

Research students must participate in designing a training programme and attend the recommended courses and other School activities designed for postgraduate students. Students should also ensure that they are familiar with the content of The Code of Research Conduct and Research Ethics and obtain ethical approval if required for their research project.

For more information, please consult the following (entering your university username and password when prompted):

Code of research conduct and research ethics - SharePoint

2.6   Meet assessment deadlines and requirements

Research students must submit written work on time, undertake examinations, other assessments and progress reviews as required by the School and Faculty.

2.7   Complete on time

Research students are expected to write up all or much of their theses by the end of their registered period of study. 


3. Annual Leave

Includes: School expectations

The University recognises the importance of taking holiday for the health and wellbeing of students engaged in postgraduate research.

This should be taken in line with School expectations (for example not taking leave during postgraduate training courses, School research events, seminars etc.), any contractual obligations (for example Research Council terms and conditions), and by arrangement with supervisors.

As a guide, postgraduate research students may normally take up to 25 days holiday in each year plus public and University holidays.

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